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  1. so like 4 years ago when i was a freshman in high school it was the summer going into sophomore year and obviously i wasnt old enough to drive... so i call my boy nick who lives right down the street from me

    Me:"yo whats good u wanna blaze"
    Him:"yeah we cant blaze here tho so im gonna walk to ur house"
    me:" We cant smoke here either so ill just walk and meet u i guess"

    we walk down towards eachothers houses and my road i have to go about 400 yards and then make a right down a street and walk all the way down that.... so we meet about halfway and we were on a street that had a dead end and we started calling dealers

    we called up one of his guys he says "yeah im right over there ill be there in 5"

    well 5 minutes turns out to be 30 minutes later, and we were just standing there waiting cause we were expecting him to be there sooner

    so we got the bag, it was a 15 and i got 5 singles back cause i was smoking nick up.... he had the dutch broken out and i started grinding the shit up on the 5 singles that i got back cause we were literrally on the curb just about to roll a blunt and walk and smoke it....

    well i get this bad feeling and i see a car coming down the road.... its a cop

    he stops in front of us and gets out of the car... when i saw the cop i pushed a single to cover the weed he goes to us

    Cop: whats going on here what are u guys doing on the road at 10:30 at night... can u pick up ur money please and come over here so i can talk to u...

    so when he said that i picked up the singles off the ground but they were by my feet so when i did that i let the weed fall out of the singles and when i stood up i stepped on it and slightly grounded it in

    Cop: well i got a complaint that there were suscipious characters on this road... where are u guys from
    Me: i live right up this street
    Nick: i live right down the street
    Me: we dont have our lisence or anything so we were just hanging out trying to find something to do

    Cop:alright well go back to ur houses

    so we started walking back towards my house... and i look and i see him with the flashlight looking around where we were and nick goes to me like dude hes shining it right on where the dutch is.... well we turn up the street and thankfully there is this HUGE evergreen tree on this guys property... as soon as i get out of sight i ran faster then i ever have before and i jump in to a bunch of bushes with nick....

    2 seconds after this i see the cop driving by FLYING with no lights on except for the spot light on looking aroudn and shit.... we waited like 5 minutes and ran as fast as we could back to my house to just hang out

    end up my brother was having a party so i wasnt able to get high that night but i didnt get fucked by the cops and i got to drink
  2. nice signature..

  3. haha thanks! :hello:
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    Haha, sounds sick. Thats what me and my friends always do. Walk around the corner and fuckin dip. :D
  5. waiting on some dead end street is just a problem waiting to happen..good thing u didnt get busted though that was a close one.
  6. haha yeah i know young and stupid and never been caught b4 that so i didnt really have any wits about it
  7. man i hate cops, had a cop follow me all the way from my dealers house today (didnt even get to pick up cause i saw the cop car chilling right down the street..... i drive by his house cal him let him know that there is a cop chilling on his road and it follows me for a good 15 minutes..... then right before i turned into my school he just drove off mad slow....

    its getting sketchy sketchy around here
  8. Nice dude, but did you loose your grinder?

  9. i didnt have a grinder back then... i was in 9th grade just getting it to it and didnt even know what a grinder was at that point :smoke:

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