old skool memory lane, grasscity forums on april 6th 2001

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Registered members 790, record active members at once 18, 5 members online 1 guest....... I thought that was pretty cool than LOL , you have come a long way fellow citizens of grasscity :)

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  2. Back in the day! GC has been around for so long, heres to many more years to come :smoking::bongin::gc_rocks::hippie:
  3. Wow. Retro. :smoking:

    Seven and a half years....

    I'd say it's hard to believe... But it's not. I've never seen any place like GC, and I doubt I ever will.

  4. Proud to be a blade since early 2004!
  5. April 6 is my birthday.
  6. Damn! I guess that was before Rummy was even an Admin!
  7. My how the city has grown....And will continue to grow!!!!
  8. I remember reading back on some of these old posts when I joined in 2005...seemed like a small village back then....now, it's a metropolis :eek:
  9. It was before GC explorers discovered many of the forums we know today, such as Pandora's Box
  10. LOL back in middle school around 01-02 when i was in the computer lab i used to come on here because it was one of the only weed sites that wasnt blocked, i guess because grasscity sounds like gardeners site LOL. never knew about the forums tho i was just looking at pipes and shit
  11. damn 2001, thats awesome
    grasscity blew up quick like mike jones
  12. it wouldn't have lasted this long without you running a professional site. Thanks for the great place to chat.. and many more years of success!

  13. good call AW, professional at its best.
  14. such a good site, I plan on being here for many more years :D

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