old seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by austyn12, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. i found a seed in my desk i know its probably too dry but is it wreath the time to plant it in soil and see if it grows?
  2. Try germinating it first! But before you do that make sure you have a proper set up. Seeds can stay viable for quite a few years at room temperature so you may have some luck, might take a bit longer to germinate though
  3. If you can easily pop the seed between your fingers, or it is small and pale it will most likely not grow.

    But, there's always a chance..

    Why don't you just wait until you get another sack of reefer and pick a nice big healthy seed?

  4. it was pretty good just dry as fuck because i don't buy mid grades anymore so i don't get any seeds and i think this weed was mid grade because the grower didn't take out the male parts.
  5. Well if you feel like growin middie bag seed go for it man!

  6. yeah i know its going to be a high grade mid strain if its seedless just practicing anyways
  7. Just an estimate, If I bought an 8th of weed say 10x thruout the month, how many seeds should I typically find per batch...I always heard that using those seeds is pointless cuz they just dont grow, but if the seeds u find when u buy it are capable of growing, then shit, I'm gna go look thru every fukn old reefer bag I have in my room and throw that shit in the ground now!

  8. schwag weed=alot uncountable big seeds
    mid grade=seeds in middle of nug
    dank=barely any like 1 per 8th

    it all depends on what strain and what grade if you get cheap weed and they are hard as a rock take the soft parts apart and take the seeds out.
  9. It took you longer to login and type this post than it would of to plant that seed, so wasted time? Not at all. You just wasted more time asking the question :)

    Ive seen alot of this lately, I would imagine its from your seller who does not want you to grow your own(or an idiot who knows nothing of growing), all of my grows except 1 have been bagseed.

    And here where I live, shit weed may have seeds may not, has stems and it tastes like crap burns your throat sometimes. Most of the time shit weed just tastes bad and burns my throat, I rarely if ever get seeds.

    Everything else is seed and stem free.

    I feel bad for people who have to get medical grade to not have seeds in their shit, seeds ruin the smoking session, they taste like crap!
  10. Ya I only buy top shelf from dispensaries, not cuz im picky but cuz all my fav. strains are always top shelf and ya I NEVER find seeds wen i buy 8ths!!

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