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  1. Hey guys! Long time grower but not much of a poster, I am going to be doing something special here hopefully. I just planted 5 seeds total and am rooting these little pods on to victory!

    3 seeds = Nirvana Northern Lights
    (Unsexed from 2016)

    2 seeds = Northern Lights hybrid
    (Unsexed from 2010)

    The seeds from 2010 are the first seeds I have ever purchased with my buddy. I did do a very light scoring on the outer shell to promote water absorption but will try other methods if these don't pop after the first week.

    My nutrients will be mostly General Hydroponics Flora series with all the additives and tiger shark booster

    Lighting for now is a small 10 watt fish tank light ive always used for after the seeds sprout. Then i will move on to show my flowering and veg areas.

    My goal is to breed these Northern Lights plants and feminize the seeds as well. I planted multiple seeds to ensure i get a male and female. However i do have Sour Diesel pollen as a last worst case scenario.

    I was going to post on here as I go for any who would like to follow. I'll do my best to stay up to date.

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  2. Good luck with the old seeds. Scarifying will soften up the shell and may have a few surprizes.
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  3. I also have some old Nirvana NL…
    Probably should pop em, but I’ve been seduced by Bohdi and I’m having a hard time deviating!
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  4. Welcome to the City.

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  5. I've also grown out Nirvana's Northern lights and crossed it with my old school blue dream. I use one female to clone in order to make feminized seed. Unless you're trying to cross your original Northern lights with the hybridized version. Or are you trying to save the genetics in regular seed form too?
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  6. successful germination depends on how well they have been stored over the years,..best place is the freezer short term the fridge at its very dry, most the time .lol
    I add my beans to a jar lined with sandpaper and shake for 30secs, most here don't do that but like to add peroxide to the water to prevent any non existent infection, little understanding of Ph is the norm, how'd you store them ...?
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  7. My original point was to save the genetics of the 2010 seeds in general. I guess when it comes to feminization of the seeds I should have mentioned I am going to leave some of the plant with regular seeds so I have the ability to get males again.

    But mostly if the original 2010 seeds are male or female it doesn't matter as long as I can cross it with the 2016 Nirvana Northern Lights. Playing the waiting game now for these seeds to pop.

    The original seeds are from a breeder out in Colorado, he was my dad's old friend.

    PS... the seed in the solo cup is a NL seed I found in one of my grows in 2018. Of course it popped quicker than the OG seeds that's just an experiment seed
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  8. Also as for storage, these seeds were kept in a glass vile with silica pellets (those packets that keep air dry). All my seeds are kept in a dark box in glass viles and stored in a cabinet I made for all my pieces in my basement to stay cool
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  9. If you're going to try to breed regular seeds and make feminized seeds. I'd suggest doing so by regular breeding practices. Then, or at any time take clones from your female with the traits you desire and carry on with feminized seed production. If you're interested I have examples of feminizing both photo-period and auto-flowering plants in my journal. I have also made feminized seeds from feminized mothers and crosses using feminized mothers/pollen donors.
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  10. Thanks TimJ I'll take a look when I get some time tonight! I did think about cloning a female first and then feminizing those seeds. I guess it will really depend on what I get to sprout and the sex of the seeds. If I get 2 males from the 2010 seeds I will probably just do a standard breed and not feminize but I'll make the decision when we get there haha. Thank you!
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