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  1. I say fuck the PS3 and 360. Go with a NES, SNES, SEGA and N64.

    My reasoning?

    Games were just overall, better back then. No difficulty setting for the most part. Awesome music. And if there are saves points, they can be very far in between. You gotta have skill to beat games on the NES and SNES, unless your a cheater.

  2. Yeah dude. I've been playing alot of Final fantasy 8. I'd rather play nine but SOMEHOW I lost it....

    Also, you are right. They had to compensate for those horrible graphics like on the ps1. Not alot of games are good from the old days to be honest. The ones that were good are at least 100 dollars haha
  3. Well thats a matter of opinion. I mean Legenda of Mana, for the PS1, go for about $60 on ebay and Amazon. Phenomenal game. But theirs some classics for the NES too that got for like $3.
  4. does a Game Cube qualify as old school :) i had one lol
    i used to play Super Mario Sunshine, Ledgend of Zelda the Wind Waker, Zelda- Ocarina of Time :) and some others i cant remember .
  5. I wouldn't consider it Old school. But it's still a fun system to play. Get down on some Metroid Prime.
  6. i had a gamecube.it sucked :(
  7. THIS WAS THE SHIT!!!:metal:
    although i gave away my nintendo64 somehow this game cartridge is still with me :)
  8. [​IMG]

    First video game I ever owned, got it for xmas when I was two.

    I was so amazed with the underwater levels and airplane travel, and loved the Cranky Kong intro.

    Really wish my snes wasn't broken.
  9. Earthbound, BattleToads, Ninja Gaiden. If you havent tried to beat these 3 games, you dont even know what a hard game is. Well earthbound is just long, super super long, but the other 2, battletoads, is pretty much impossible to beat, and Ninja requires MAD skills to beat, way more than any of the more modern installments to the series
  10. I got close to the end of Gaiden.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8ZadSexa4o&feature=related]YouTube - Ninga Gaiden Act 5-1 and 5-2[/ame]

    I could NEVER get past 1:43.

    Never played battle toads or eathbound. I heard BT was fucking insanly hard. Haven't heard much of Eathbound though, cept it's a good game.
  11. [​IMG]
    Oh man, this brings back memories.
  12. what about emulator on xbox? does that count? :)
  13. No.

    Anything before PS1.
  14. :) the best game in grade one.

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  15. Gaiden is so epic, ive only beaten it one time, ever and ive never gotten close again..... Dont even really know how it happened it was luck i can tell you that hahahah. Battle toads, im pretty sure has (if at all) only been beaten by a small handful of people... that shits just NONSENSE. Earthbound tho..... my favorite MMO EVER!!! well it and Mother 3, but thats part of the same series. Its just SOOOO long and so tedious to play through the entire game.
  16. I tried that jump at 1:43 so many times, and couldn't get passed it. I knew i was pretty close to the end, so i was happy with that. I need to give battle toads a try then. Sounds like it'd be fun for a bit. What system was earthbound on? Can't remember.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVM_OxJNN0M]YouTube - Zoom! for Sega Genesis[/ame]

    Zoom is fucking fun, if you can get into simple based games. It gets pretty intense around 4-1 and up. Only got to 5-1 and was like OMFG AHHHHH!!
  17. Earthbound is on SNES
  18. I need to get a SNES then.
  19. Fucking gunstar heroes!
    Games used to be a lot harder though you're right, earthworm jim, altered beast, ghosts and ghouls...
    I still probably use my mega drive more than my 360.
    Don't miss my commodore 64 at all though, load times were absolutely horrific.

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