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old school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vcu, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. why a grinder?

    scissors are the way to go, you get at te keif and it will get you higherrr

    whats this new age thing about keeping your keif, and plus herb should not be all the same consistency, if some pieces are bigger is makes is burn better,

    smoking weed should not be a perfection
    just had to get it out there, just one of my high ideas
  2. I totally agree! Its a ritual too ya know? Tradition:smoking:
  3. Preference. :confused_2:
  4. i personally aint got time for that shit

    bitches to fuck, crack to smoke, etc.

  5. gross.
  6. When I grind my weed, I can load the bong and clear it in 1 or 2 rips, nice and smooth then it's all turned to ash.

    If I break it up otherwise, then it burns less consistently, and it takes maybe 4 or 5 rips to clear the bowl.

    I like big nasty hits so I only have to take 1 once in a while. Grinding makes that easier.

  7. What you said was the complete opposite actually, when you grind it up it burns evenly and you can get a cherry going that lasts a long time.
  8. Houses to rob, people to kill...rape.

    I understand all too well.
  9. no man i rape em first. i ain't no necrofeliact.

  10. +++ rep for not being a necrophiliac :D
  11. all this talk is getting me amped, does anyone want to go kidnap a hooker with me?
  12. my name is amped (H)
  13. sweet, what a coincidence. do you ever get the feeling the universe is guiding you? thats what this is like man, we were meant to go kidnap that hooker and dump her body in the bay!!

    peace bro, ill pick you up in 20 min.
  14. Gotta be one of the weirdest reasons I've ever heard of to rep someone...I'd rep you, but that would probably be even weirder. Best to just stop the rep chain now, and let (dead?) dogs lie.

  15. that's pretty sick, bro
  16. keeps my finger as free as possible from the smell, making those around my less suspicious. plus, its faster
  17. wow... this thread started with a someone who had something important to say, then it turned to kidnapping hookers, then to killing and raping them... wow...

    and yeah, i use either fingers or a coffee grinder. fingers are better.
  18. This.

    I personally think grinders are a brute force approach and don't like them, but I don't hate on people who do like the convenience.

    I also hate blunts but don't hate on people who love them.

    Life is about variety, and different smokes for different folks ;)
  19. dude, I'm down

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