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  1. I'm an old Fart in the foothills of Arkansas...The land of Uncle William who toked but didn't inhale. I partook of the sacred smoke back in the old days and now I use it extensively to battle the ill effects of Arthritis. Im part Quawpaw...(Og-a-pah)...the French could'nt pronounce the name of the people. I make some very nice Native American pipes. Hope to get some pics of them on here later...maybe get some good growing tips and meet some new folks.
  2. well welcome to the city and yes i cant wait to see some native american pipes should be gorgeous,
  3. welcome! :wave:
    would love to see some pictures!
  4. hehehehe old fart :laughing:

    yeah,i want to see that pipe
  5. Hello there Cavebear

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