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Old school strains - Where are you??? Acapulco Gold, Pananma Red, Columbian...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FreeMJ, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Recently I had the chance to sit down and toke with a hippy from the 70s.

    I had some no-name dank that was probably a 50/50 hybrid, with fairly dense buds.

    Well between the two of us we probably smoked a g and a half. So I assume he was as baked as I was...

    The funny thing is, he said the weed back in the day does not even compare to todays shitty hybrids.

    He said smokes like Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Columbian, and even mexican would blow your mind away. Literally you would feel like your in a different universe haha. Todays modern weed may be more "potent" but the quality of the high is shit(so he says).

    I want to smoke old school weed. I'm sick of the dull couch lock high we are basically forced to smoke. How can I make this happen? Why can't you buy seeds for these strains? WTF happened?

  2. He's just reminiscing; everything's better when you think back. The quality and potency of ganja today is way better. Some hippies...:rolleyes:
  3. The potency of weed hasn't really changed, there's just more access to homegrown dank now.
  4. This.

    Weed isn't any stronger or weaker now than it was 30 or even 100 years ago. People have been growing for thousands of years now...

    The biggest advances in marijuana technology have been with regards to indoor cultivation. Bigger yields and what not, but not increased potency.

  5. Also the weed wasn't properly grown/harvested/dried/cured. And those buds that were properly grown/harvested/dried/cured were only available to a very small amount of people. Also distribution(smashing the buds) and packaging(the bags they were put in didn't zip up and they got old and the THC escaped the open bag top.
  6. They're dead.
  7. I don't know man...

    The stuff they had back then was not as "potent" but it was definitely better by the sound of it. There are hundreds of other chemicals in marijuana that come together to form that certain high.

    I'm looking for something that's super intense, has my heart racing, a trippy almost hallucinogenic high, thats still functional :D::smoking:

    The question is, why hasn't anybody seen they amazing landrace sativa strains since like the 80's? I find it hard to beleive that something that sounds so good could possibly disappear...
  8. Okay so what happened is that people started to make hybrids of the strains and they didn't save the original seed. So like if they had purple has and they wanted to mix it with some maui wowi. Well they use the only seed they have of purple haze and the only one of maui wowi. Booom maui wowi and purple haze are extinct and the only part of it they can find are in hybrids. Fucking hippie growers not saving seeds:mad:
  9. Weed from countries that have grown it outdoors, for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years is way better than the shit that they're growing domestically. A joint got a few people smashed - today's generation has to smoke several times as much, and it's still lacking. The quality of the high was better also - you got HAPPY from it, as well. If these types ever come back, people will dump the domestic shit like a hot potato.
  10. nah...all the highs we used to have were obviously better than the ones we have now...i used to get wayyy higher when i was 15 than i do now...he was just stoned n babbling
  11. Oh and colombian used to run weed, no coke. Their weed was top quality, better that homegrown stuff. They were running that for awhile then they started getting busted more and more so then they started running coke, alot more money for alot less product. Oh and mexican shit was also amazing. But when they started to run other drugs, the quality of their product (weed) started slipping and they didn't care about that as much.
  12. It was also a lot cheaper, my dad told me that it he spent $25 a 1/4 for Panama Red.. Which is crazy.. I mean hell I pay $50 an 1/8 for headies.. Maybe they just smoked a lot more of it? lol I don't know.

  13. That's the truth right there. Heard the same thing...

    Like you said, a joint would get a group of people smashed. My hippy friend said 3 tokes and you were gone (same thing). Back then it was cheap as hell, high quality, great high, great taste...WTF???

    I want that kind of herb...

    Is it me, or does EVERYTHING seem to be going to shit?

  14. ahah seriously? the prices of everything have gone up since then ahha
  15. My neighbor back home in Pittsburgh grows and he is in his late 50's. He was a hippy and has experimented with a bunch of drugs beyond weed as well. He swears by the old shit too, he says nothing he can get any more or that he grows can compete with the stuff they had when they were kids.

    Also he said to even think about the price change is amazing. When he was young he wouldn't second guess rolling an ounce of Acapulco Gold with his friend into these papers that came with a particular record album (I forget which one) mainly because it only cost $50.

  16. Their weed was no more or less potent as ours is today, but everybody who smokes has fonder memories of getting way high when they first started smoking because - you guessed it, they had just started smoking. Tell that hippy to stop smoking for an entire year and toke up again and see if he still gets the same high as he does now.
  17. Shit, who cares? If it gets me high it gets me high. I like the variety. =P
  18. Those strains got ruined when war on drugs took place, who wants to smuggle pot for LB 4 LB when coke is a billion times worth in weight. And that market is even going down.

    Point is noone here or 99% will ever see those strains, But guess what? todays strains are way more potent and easier to grow. So who cares? not me :)

  19. Todays strains are way more potent beacause of continual hybridation and better, more controlled growing techniques.

  20. Honestly, you won't find it anymore. Unless a grower has a clone, but he definetly won't be sharing. :p

    Just find yourself some good chronic, and trust me, it will top the latter that you posted. The strains of today are far far superior to the strains back in the day.
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