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Old school stoner slang!

Discussion in 'General' started by EdgarOregon100, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. My dad still says "let's go have a reefer." I guess that means "let's go smoke a joint."

    I introduced him to a double Dutch the last time I visited and he just about shit himself. A quarter way through it he looked like he was about to fall asleep :laughing:
  2. i've heard people call it 'gage' , which kind of grew on me.
  3. Yeah, my dad always talks about how he loved hash and how "with grass you'd need like a whole bag".
  4. I'm definitely saying "let's go have a reefer" from now on LOL :smoke:
  5. Man, I can't believe nobody mentioned "roach" or "roach-clip" yet.
  6. yeah people say Tall they mean high, or sometmes people say Twisted. me and my friends always jus say you wanna blow? and we call it dro thats about it. or u wanna smoke a bleez
  7. I hear both of those used everyday
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    An old school weed term I haven't heard in a while is 'dope' and quite frankly, it doesn't bother me a bit. I hate when weed is referred to as 'dope'.

    You know, I actually haven't sat down and puffed a blunt in over a year. They tear me up inside. I prefer a good joint over a fat blunt any day of the week. Just think how much higher you would be if you used the same amount of weed in 1 blunt as you do in 3 joints.....so much higher my friends, so much higher.

    It actually kinda bugs me how people call dank ass headies 'dro'. In my town, a lot of the ghetto ass people around here call it that and I just want to scream!! To me, 'dro' is a method of growing but no one here calls it dank except me n my lil brother. We'll call it nuggs too. Now, me and my buddy I always smoke with have stopped calling it nuggs and now just say 'tree' cuz he knows I don't want any mids or reggies and I know he doesn't fuck with anything but nuggets.
  9. Thai stick anyone?


  10. x2. Joints are pretty much my favorite way to smoke right now since I don't have my bong.
  11. My mom calls smoking "taking a one hit". Dad calls it an "un" (think of UNO without the O part.)
  12. I was thinking about this one the other day: "pot party". I remember hearing this term up until '80, I guess. Newspapers even used it. A teacher in my class got replaced around '73 and they said it was because the cops caught her at a "pot party". "Burn-Out" is another I don't hear anymore, describing somebody on a permanent high.
  13. One of my friend's dad calls it "hit", as in "you doing hit again"? (wtf lol). I use the word doob quite frequently.
  14. The black kids used to call weed 'bo. I think it was shortened from "Columbo" for Columbian pot. And if it was good it was the "whip". Better was the "fire". The best was the "firewhip". In the 80's people said bud sesh (session). I said the same thing then as I say now, "Let's get fucked up."
  15. idk if its old but my friends have been saying "Dude.. im so blown.."
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    My mom calls it dope...and dagga (pronounced like Dachau without the u) she switches (she knows I absolutely hate the word dagga)

    I've always called it pot and I've adopted dank for when the stuff makes me ^_^

    Also in South Africa we still use joint as though that's the only word for them...which it is!

    Did anyone mention reefer? My friends little sister once walked in after we'd been smoking and said something like 'has someone been smokin' a reefer' in this funny American accent...it was very funny
  17. wacky tobaccy
  18. two terms I haven't heard for some time, not too long though.
  19. When i first started 20$ get a bag some zig zags kixk back stow and roll some hellicious tasty stticks. 28 joints for 15-20 bucks. Watch us some Cheech and Chong laugh till we hurt.

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