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Old school stoner slang!

Discussion in 'General' started by EdgarOregon100, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. So I'm listening to some Jazz the other day (really blazed) and they were using slang that I haven't heard before, prolly cause it's so old. For example, they would talk about "getting tall" (getting high). I thought this was some real interesting shit. I also heard from an old school toker I know that in the 60's/70's a $20 sack was called a lid whereas nowadays most people call it a dub.
    Post some slang that you've maybe heard a few golden age stoners use!:hello:
  2. grass...

    nobodyi know really uses grass for pot except the few old heads i know.....i kinda like it.......im tryin to go get some grass.........it sounds nice to me
  3. i never hear doob or doobie anymore, but my dad says that a lot
  4. I knew about the lid... 'Cept it wasn't a $20 bag, it was an OZ that they were referring to. A lot of old hippies call it grass/pot... Here's another term you don't really hear very often that was big back then... JOINT! (lol!!!!). Most people now (at least in my experiences) have replaced J's with L's (blunts, for those who may be wondering).
  5. $10 was a lid, and it was a half-ziploc bag full.
  6. thats all too true..... not enough people appriciate the joint.....to me theres not much better then smoking a whole bunch of nicely rolled joints....and the movements involved in rolling the joint is my form of meditation.....
  7. Shit man back in the day no one had a fuckin scale you just measured by site and there were no 1/8ths or 1/4 s there were halfs and oz's. an oz went for 20 in the early 70's and 40 by the late 70's.
    I went into the marines in 1980 and when i came back home in 84 it was up to 100+ an oz., fuckin shame.
    Shit i used to a get 1/4 lbs for a hundred.
  8. potency has increased as well
  9. my uncles says that no one really weighed out bags in his day.

    "lids" were filled to the width of three or four finger across the bag, and named thusly, "three (or four) finger lids".

    he calls the bangleaf that is trimmed from a growing plant "reefer".

    he would roll joints mostly filled with these crumbled leaves and only throw a small amount of actual bud into the j.

    he says he cant handle the "narcotic" shit we smoke nowadays, he'd rather have a reefer.
  10. Definitely, especially since the computer age, the science behind the genetics has become so accessible.
  11. Those black jazz musicians also called it muggles

  12. dam muggles!!!
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    idk old people i toke with say cooked instead of baked lol..i find tht funny. example

    "i am so cooked man."
  14. back in the day ppl who smoked grass were called pot smokers not the dirty word of stoners.
  15. "Smoking a reefer"
  16. I'm a big fan of saying reefer or grass.

    I'm trying to bring that back around here.

    Everyone always says J and L and chronic and dro, I personally think that's just stupid talk.
  17. i like calling it bud or mary jane
    all my friends say wana burn it?
  18. Do they still say 'Bogart'?

    "Hey! Quit bogartting that joint!"

    Or 'Jonesing'?

    "I'm really jonesing for a joint"
  19. Everyone says grass where I live... EVERYONE! But the older stoners call it wacky backy (like seriously). It still makes me LOL :D

  20. Damn you used to get 1/4 pounds for 100.. Dont know about you but a lot of people pay 100 for 1/4 ounces

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