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  1. I Wrote half of this for a post on how your parents would react if they knew you smoked pot but i figured it would also be a good intro and i didnt wanna type 2 Long ass Essays. I have been around pot since i was 3 My first memory is seeing my uncle roll a joint on his hood and Later on seeing him get hauled off for Growing in his house. Since then I have always been around pot. At 8 I was trying to learn how to roll but still to this day i dont roll..... I just use a Machine I need to but i never had to roll i just make a bowl or something. I carry Papers and Blunts though and just get a buddy to roll for me. I didnt start smoking till bout a year ago though so its kinda funny to hear that.....

    I am a big Legalize Marijuana Fan just like everone else on this site. But i dont beleive in any drug you can OverDose on.... But can see Shroom Use as Sort of OK Once or twice in your life even though ill probally never do it. Taking some Valiums 6 months after you were prescribe them i think is ok long as you dont take like more then 4 at a time. COCAINE to me is the worst drug... I hate it I depise it.... I have seen a Crack head Do some messed up things to just get a crack rock or a coke head Bleed from there nose and Shake about. I dont even use to Word High if i can cuz A Crack head can get high and i am not a crack head..... nore to do share the same feeling when i smoke my Green as a crack head does when he smokes his rock... But i do catch myself using it alot because Its just a common word... If your Wondering i have never Done coke in any form or anyother drug. Weeds not a Drug You cant OD but i have Poped at most 3 Pills though Just because I Wanted to relax but now that i smoke I Rarely ever do that.

    MY First Post.........

    My Mom..... Had me at 18 she smoked pot uptill then i found letters from her to my dad when i was like 10 talking about how they were gonna get stoned off there ass tonight... Plus evertime she yells at her mom.... her mom brings up bailing her out of jail at 16 for having 2 roachs in her ashtray.
    My dad.... Disowned me at 16 cuz i testfied in court he tryed to rape my mom. So if he did find out i smoke pot and said something to me it would give me a reason to knock his ass out. We havent spoke since then and am 19.

    I still live with my mom.... I would of moved out but she insisted i go to college and i did and i made all A's the year i went but The house we live in has to be sold by the spring cuz of My dad and Her's Divorce and shes gonna move to another state so i gotta get money together to get out and situated so i am not in school... Plus i owe like 5 grand and i want to pay it before i go back..... But thats just background history.... I have never came out and told my mom i smoke but She has thought and blamed for smoking since i was like 10. When my neighbors moved in and id stay like weeks at a time over there and my mom knew they Smoked more pot then Bob Marley and Cheech and Chong.... I mean alot of pot.... When me and my neighbors would get off the bus when i was 10 and they were 12 and 14 there mom would have them both a joint a piece on the counter for them ready to smoke..... I never smoked.... Never I didnt smoke until i turned 18 and had a party and when i drink i like to smoke cigs and my friend put weed all through a Cig and i took 2 tokes and choked my ass off and noticed what it was....... I didnt get a buzz or anything. The Reason why i didnt smoke was because I liked saying i dont smoke Pot and i felt like i didnt need to i figured all that preaching in school i heard was for a reason. So i figured if anyone asked me if i had ever smoked weed before id would have to say yes. Soo... i went out and Smoked and got Really really stoned and fell in love with mary Jane..... for 6 months after that day i didnt go with out weed I smoked everday at least 3 times. Now i just chill and smoke before i go to bed or Chill with friends. I have 10 close friends everone of them smoke Pot my mom Knows.... She has to know we all look like stoners.... Then other day We borrowed her Van she told me no Drinking and Driving (which i never do) and No pot in my Car..... *smiles* My friend Replyed Dont worry we will smoke it before we get back... I just about died and she went back inside like nothing was said..... I figured she knew cuz all i listen to in the car at home or anywhere is my KottonMouth Kings and she i know has heard them. So i guess if my mom found out i smoked Pot She would act like nothing has changed....... To add she finds Blunts all over the house and Still dont know what there for I just told her i smoke them when i am bored..........
  2. Well, it seems like you have been through an awful lot.

    Welcome to the city, I hope you enjoy yourself here. I'm sure you will :)
  3. Welcome to your new home on the 'Net. Enjoy the boards, they're filled with some great users. :D

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