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Old school grow advice "member cheap old basterd club"

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SG1, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. What's ur take on hiuh end LEDs @SG1? I hit 1 gpw consistently .8 my firs ever grow..
  4. Lots of grow styles and variables to each style. I'm a mixed lighting believer. MH for veg, MH and HPS, MH and LED both do well in flower.
    Lighting is just one aspect of growing and is only one element of nature.
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  5. Iv heard excellent things on T5s for veg. N Hps, n led for bloom. Saves a lot of energy.. N I personally veg for as lo ng as possible w photo*s if I have room. Try to lower plant count n raise veg time ;)
  6. received_10211450789918840.jpeg 3x4x6.5. 615w draw of HIGH end LEDs. Cree cobs. Platinum p300 n a monster LEDgle 315W dimmable 3 knob spectrum adjuster
  7. Hindsight I would have defoliated more. Leme say too. That mix of cree cxb3590cobs , plat, n ledgle jus WS perfect!
  8. Btwgonna start hitting home depot n my dro shop today.. If most of u lol @Tbone Shuffle know, I'm facing a paranoid "investor" for the grow. I'm gonna see I if I can fit a 2x4tent into my closet. 2x4 w around 420w of GOOD led light. Would be awesome. Keep it UNCROWDED prolly jus one. Begged in 9 gal gardenmate..for possibly 2 months
  9. You only need about 320 watts or less for a 2x4. You'll be over 50 watts per square at 420.
  10. Man this is just wat I need I'm doing a cheep as fuck grow built my own grow box I got cheep fans no exhaust cuz I gota hide it from mom ahah get this I'm growing with cfl and I'm in flower right now......now my thing is can I grow a one once cola from seed straight from 12/12
  11. This is my gods gift under cfl in mirical grow moisture control

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  12. I found some cheap lights that are freaking awesome!

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  13. Wat are you using
  14. Photonphantomdesigns

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  15. Photonfantomdesigns

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  16. Not sure I know wat that is
  17. Is it like one big led
  18. Honesty Guys, you gotta look at the bigger picture. Sometimes saving a few bucks in the beginning costs you at the end of the fiscal year. I see the biggest cost most low tech guys complain about is nutrient costs, and justifiable so. Veg bloom is simply the lucas formula adapted with some Hormones esp shine. Nutrients aside, pot size also seriously dictates the amount of watering and nutrients needed. But smaller pot means more watering, means more food, means bigger plants and heavier yields. I’ve nwver hit 3 per light without watering at the very least 2-3 Times per day. You water every other day or every 3 daysyiull never get over 3 per unless you’re in massive pots with massive plants. But remember, bigger plants means more time vegging which means less time flowering. So crops per year diminishes
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  19. Can I use a glass filter for my light to give it the red it needs. I have a Cree 350 watts edge series lamp a 700 dollar panel can I just use a gel filter or glass filter for flowering instead of buying more lights

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