Old school..Differents between vaping and smoking a joint?

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  1. I am old school.. only smoked joints and out of a bowel.. so can someone explain
    1. Benefits of vape ver joint
    2. Is the high the same?
    3. Can you recommend a starter vape?
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    I am old school too. 1st time was in 1976.
    Vapes do not combust the plant material so you aren't inhaling a lot of the bad stuff. Only taking in the vaporized essential oils.
    This kinda makes for a smoother, cooler hit.
    I'm not saying you're not going to cough your face off if you take a huge hit.
    Tastes is like getting greens on almost every hit. Until you get to the end and it tastes like burnt toast.

    The high is deeper. Hard to explain. Almost like edibles but not quite there.

    I've tried portable Vapes and desk top units. The desk top units blow away the portables I've tried. I got a desktop box type for about 75 usd. Cheapo but it works fine and dandy.
  3. a joint gets you higher.

    Try a pax or MFLB
  4. I use this one on occasion. Kind of a cheaper starter model.
    Grenco Science.
    Grind some bud, pack loosely, let it heat up, vape away.

  5. I've only used a vape over the coarse of a single evening and I really liked it. Using it felt just like breathing and the high was as gentle as was the inhale.
  6. Vapes don't stink the house up either.
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    Main differences:

    Combusted plant material+paper=smoke, tar, and carcinogens entering your body along with cannabinoids.
    Flame burns a lot of cannabinoids off, wasting them.
    Some feel higher with smoking as it is not just bud tending to your high. You mind is also clouded by the carcinogens in the smoke.
    Give off the unmistakable smell of weed and can make you smell bad.

    Temps in vapes only reach that at what cannabinoids vaporize at. Hence vaporizer. You do not combust the plant material, so less bad stuff entering your body+ you now have avb(already vaped bud) to store and make edibles with.
    You don't waste the cannabinoids you would smoking when vaping, so you get more out of your weed+getting to use your avb to basically use your bud twice.
    Some feel higher with vaping than smoking, because of the purer high it gives you.
    Generally vapes carry very little to no scent at all, and the subtle scents they do carry do not smell like weed to the uninformed...

    When I smoke a lot my pax 2 does not get me as high as smoking. If I take a break from smoking and only vape for awhile, or I tbreak, and then vape on my pax... I'm gone with half a trench.

    Check out this awesome(albeit it somewhat outdated) info graphic on the matter to learn more!
  8. Greetings. Long time lurker, first time poster. After smoking joints recently, mixed with a little tobacco to stretch it out, I decided to try a vape yesterday. Bought the G Pen Elite because I liked the ceramic chamber and mult temp settings. But after trying it twice I got nothing. I could smell it heating and there were wisps of vapor when I exhaled but I didn't feel a thing, either from the weed or the feeling of vapor in my mouth. This is the first time I've tried vaping at all after being a cigarette smoker years ago and then the recent joints. Any ideas as to why I'm not getting anything? Tried two temps, 390 and 380 I believe. Any suggestions would be great!

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