old roommates sort of ex girlfriend

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  1. so my roommate was talkin to this girl over the summer he was serious about her but she wasnt so serious about him her exact words were "he was too nice he just couldnt handle me, it was like i was the man and he was the woman"

    now this girl is hella bad i wanted her since the first day i saw her but i knew she was off limits kuz she was fuckin wit my boy.. i used to fuck wit him by tellin him i was gonna snatch, i had no intentions of actually snatchin her i just wanted to see his reaction to find out how serious he was about her

    so anyways i move from the bay to philly in september and she hits me on facebook tellin me how she missed me and was sad i left and we begin to talk and since im in philly with no plans to return to the bay i tell her that i wanted to fuck wit her and what not and i find out she felt the same way i did and now four months later things have changed and im flying back to the bay tomorrow

    we have gotten to know eachother alot over these past few monthes and we have alot in common. she is excited to see me and im excited to see her too we both wanna persue somthing more then friendship but i dont know how my nigg is gonna feel about that i mean im really feelin this girl but thats my n!gga tho he like fam. imma talk 2 him about it soon as my plane land

    would i be a dick for persuing a relationship with this female even if my bruhh dnt agree
  2. kinda sounds like a bad ass slut being a slut...
  3. bros before hoes.... remember that.....
    theres billions of girls out there... and only a handful of true friends...
  4. hahaha this could be true but i highly doubt it we just had a hella good as vibe its one of those if only i would of met you befor i met him things and i never really had any plans to move back 2 tha bay untill recently so we never really figured anything would come out of it we was just having friendly conversation
  5. i know i live by bro code but tha way me and my patnas do it is if you wanna fuck with the girl when im done go ahead you my n!gga nomatter what so its not gonna get between us

    but my old roommate is a fairly new friend met him last feb and its a deeper friendship then my friendship with my old patnas kuz of the way we met we was both homeless and shit and worked our way from the bottom up 2gether nd shit.. i tried to pass a few females off to him but they all say the same thing he to nice to feminine
  6. Tell your friend she already has a pussy, she don't need another one.

    But really though, talk to him about it first but dont be gay about it.
  7. yeah we gone kick it and blow soon as i land so imma see where he stand

    off topic damn i cant wait to get some of that bay area bud all i get out here in philly is sativa i trynna get tha bubba kush
  8. I think you're going about it the right way. I mean, sometimes you gotta be a little selfish when you want what you want. That's why when you're the "nice" guy its harder to get the girl :p

    You're already gonna talk to your friend about it (which is what you should be doing), its been an adequate amount of time since she left your friend, and it also seems like he has no chance in getting with her.

    So just ask him first if its cool and go from there. :hello:
  9. best thing ive heard so far

    yeah it has been a minute and sometimes you do gotta be selfish but thats my n!gga and me being the considerate person i am i just dont want shit to be awkward when we all chill i dont want it to be any type of tension..

    hey your gonna be the first person i give rep too;)
  10. was in the EXACT same position. went through with it...
  11. I wouldn't go through with it. The girl doesn't sound decent at all. She doesn't like nice guys wtf. Why would you want a "hella bad" girl? You are just looking for trouble.

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