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  1. So I was cleaning up, and I find my old ass notebook with some of my rhymes, so I was going to post one up.

    My strap

    Brrt brrt killa cuz im a crrt crrt
    u fuckin with me then my *****s got my back
    but its ok i got my ninea on my side
    so u fuckin with me then ima let my ninea ride
    talkin shit about and u gonna get smacked
    just watch ur back homie cuz I got my strap
    with my 9 22 44 or my 45
    u can choose the gun ill let u decide
    then i stick my strap straight to ur dome
    n u see my heat shining cuz its all chrome
    u a blood so u bang the red and right side
    like 50 shot 9 times but ur gonna die
    dont front bitch cuz u aint fly
    the only thing fly is ur red flag on fire
    n when i shoot u u be screamin like u is on choir
    so the next time u see me a gun is required

    We in the back, of my Cadillac, Escalade
    gettin blazed see our enemies *****s gettin sprayed
    see its been awhile since the last time ive been faded
    we have good shit so all them *****s hatin
    they try to stik me so i shoot them bitches
    hop back in my ride n i be hitten them switches
    got some d's so them threw them bitches on my ride
    dope *****s wanna jack so i send them high
    now they prayin to god hopin they survive
    but they all dead not one of them is alive
    so all u slob bitches u better hide
    cuz i send my two 9's and they start to fly
    like little bitches u *****s start to cry
    so i put u out ur misery and let u die

    so u fucking with me but i got my heat
    so i burn all u slobs cuz we runnin the streat
    get out my way or u might get shot
    6 bullets to ur chest with my semi auto glock
    ammunition everywhere get my guns cocked
    used up all my clips so i get them stocked
    got better guns so u *****s get topped
    blood drippen to the ground now ur heartbeat stop
    ur homeboys dipped now they callin the cops
    now u *****s kno y u just got shot
    now u kno y we *****s so hot
    we workin timetables just like a clock
    thats y *****s beggin me to stop
    cuz the crip's inside so i never get shot
  2. Ehh, it's ok.
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    y u be postin new thread an shit bullshit n e body prolly dun tell u baut dis dat rappin thread n shit dogg **** din E "Rap Battle Anyone?" dia lke, fkkdl;.//

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