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old question again

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dizzysavage, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. wooohooo finally got my computer back and startin to grow soon..... i wanted to know for an area of say 5ftX5ftX6ft what would be optimal lighting for a closet about that size.... what wattage and type of light? sorry i know these questions have probably already been asked but i need to ask them again.
  2. how many plants are you gonna grow?
  3. we were thinkin about 5-10 plants and changing the floor area to 5ftX7ft
  4. Go with a 600w HPS,5'x'5,or 1000w 5'x7' MH or HPS

    or think 35-50 watts per foot..

  5. id go with the 1000 watt w/ a switchable ballast
  6. Run 2 600s! Best overall light for your buck. Your going to need some serious ventilation though. And your best growing method will be to scrog.

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