Old People!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Evil Joint, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. To day is a sad day for me and my fellow homis or da bush!
    as me jako and sam camp under a bridge smoking bongs and having some cans having a good time, the last thing we'd ever think of happend, about a 3min walk from the feild and bridge were we had the tent there was like a old people zone, man well some old guy tuk his dog a walk on the feild where we was and wi no warning he set the fucking dog on us and i got jako cos he was rat arsed and i mean rat arsed well it rippet his arm up a bit so we had to call cop and u know wot the old man sed! we tryed to fucking mug him well me and sam was in fucking cop shop 2hr till we was out and sam has to go bk tomorrow because the old man sed it was him staring it all well they will not belive us cos we was only in cop shot cos of all drug but they soon let us go when they found we was under the influance of drugs(only weed and not good weed at that we were more pissed than stoned!
  2. that's awful shit no harm to you...an old setting his dog on you! motherfucker!!!

    i hope you told the old man there and then what you REALLY thought of the ignortant mother fucking fuck.

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