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Old people smoking..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ProfessorTHC22, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. So my girlfriends parents threw a party filled with neighbors s in this upper class neighborhood.
    Well they went out too smoke and when they came back in it reeked of bud.

    This is a very conservative area, but I was really surprised to find out all of the neighbors were smoking herb. Anyone have something similar happen?
  2. my 60 year old mom tokes... it's not that uncommon lol
  3. What are you considering "old" though?
    I mean I'm in my early 30's, I wouldn't say I qualify yet but I know a lot of under-20's probably consider it ancient...I might have back in the day...
    However, if mine is the age group you're referring to - I have to say I've met more stoners/smokers in my current age group than any other.
    IMO the "real" smokers, the "down for life" smokers that took it beyond their highschool and college years, are these guys.

    I'd say chill with them, they're usually more open and chill than you'd expect...if I met older (than me) smokers/vapers, I'd do that.
  4. Rich stoners>

    "Quality, over Quantity."

  5. You're funny...where do you think all of us that were smoking in the '60s and '70s went? We had kids: you.
  6. My mom smokes. Her dad smoked and grew when he was alive. Her side of the fam has for generations.

    My girlfriends grandpa (who I live with now) grows and smokes. Most of his older friends smoke/grow/deal.

    Nothing changes but age and maturity.

    Actually I'm hoping to see immense change in my lifetime..And it started with Colorado and Washingtoon
  7. I'm 65, hubby is 70, best friend and my brother are 60- and we all toke! Where do you think all the hippies went? We just changed our clothes and looked "respectable" to get jobs and support our families, but our hearts still wear tie-dye! If we have a chance, heck yes, we will light one up!

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  8. i worked in a hookah lounge that sold some spoons and assorted stuff. I dont think anyone under 45 bought them, and they sold sooooo much lol.

    after I had that initial realization, im willing to bet its pretty even ratio of over/.under 30's
  9. My dads almost 50 and he smokes in his shed almost everyday. And he smokes a blunt on his way home from work.

    I went fishing with my 70yr old grandpa and he brought a joint
  10. Lol when I was a teen my friend said his grandpa smoked, that shit was weird as fuck to me. But hey I think all smart minds should be open to the herb
  11. I smoke often with my Grandma
  12. I was visting my grandma, I used to live with her for quite some time as a child when my mom was in and out of prison.
    She doesn't like weed that much, refuses to smoke and because it's illegal doesn't approve of me doing it but is going to respect my rights as an adult.

    Her sister came over, who is 64.
    I know her well, and her sister's, son's, wife came with her too.
    I smoked a blunt with her first, then my grandma sister (;
    She's addicted to other things too unfortunately, but she just got off probation so she's enjoying life it looks like.
  13. Of the seven people I toke/vape with only two are under forty.
    I'll be sixty-eight in Jan.
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