old people are very grumpy

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    haha ok so im outside this health food store today I had just finished smoking a cig and I see this old lady pushing a cart out the door, I decide to be a good citizen and i open the door for her so she can push her shopping car out.

    She pushes her shopping cart out.

    Her: are you a smoker?

    Me: ummmm.... yes?


    Then she gives me a very dirty look.... Jeez what a cunt... i mean i opened the door for you and you yell at me?

    haha i made a point to have another cig and make sure she saw... i thought about blowing smoke in her face :devious: but decided against it.

    just a little story... haha as the title says old people can suck sometimes. didnt bother me much.. just thought id share
  2. as soon as she said "are you a smoker?" i would of let go of the door and lit up.
  3. crazy old people.
  4. Haha what a cunt!

    What I want to know is, what store has carts AND doors you have to open yourself? :confused:
  5. haha one time at my old job....this old guy pissed himself at the cash register...and just walked out and one of the maintence guys had to clean it up.....it happened more than once...and the bathroom was like 20 feet away

  6. idunno some lil health food store
  7. Didn't you make a thread recently about you asking a guy for a lighter at an airport because yours got confiscated and he gave you shit for smoking? Man you got bad luck. Old people are just mad because they probably had to quit smoking for health reasons and wish they still could. Fuck them though. Who are they to judge you.
  8. They can be mean....but somebody out there somewhere loves them and is happy that you take the time to help them out when you can....the one thing to remember is, no matter how grumpy or rude they are, just continue to do what you can because one day, you will be old and what you dish out is what you will get...

    I've been taking care of my motherinlaw with alzheimers for 12 years and she can literally piss me off at times...and a lot of times, I will admit I have yelled back at her....but I just spent the last 3 days back and forth with her in the hospital with a heart scare....she's okay and will be coming home tomorrow and I've decided that I'm going to do my best to make sure the time she has left is peaceful....if she wants to yell at me and bitch, I can take it...because I know she doesn't mean to be the way she is

  9. oh yea... haha i forgot about that... i seem to deal with douches alot.
  10. I would have been like, well you wear diapers...whats your point?
  11. Man, I can't hate on old people too much. The only old people I don't feel bad when I curse out are the dangerous one's on the road. Once you reach a certain age, you REALLY can't drive, and shouldn't be allowed to.

    On a semi-related note, I hate when you stop and hold the door open for someone and they can't even say thank you. It's like fuck you then.
  12. I would have put my cigarette out in her eye.

  13. hahaha i lol'd
  14. I lol'd irl
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    Dude I worked at a grocery store and I had a few maintnance shifts per week.Well one morning I come in and go to clean up the customer bathrooms,which is usually just cleaning the sink,taking the trash out,paper towels if needed,windex the mirror,mop and clean the toilet if necessary.Well I get in there and there is shit smeared on the GROUND and on the toilet!I was just like wtf,man?Wtf?Like really how does that even happen?So I went for the bleach and sprayed a shit load(no pun intended) of it on the toilet and ground.And the thing is,the store wasn't open for another hour,so this had to of been there since the night before!The employees never use that bathroom and alot of really old people shop there,so I'm assuming it was some old dude.

    Or you should have to take an old person test at the DMV.
  16. Light her on fire? "Hahaha, hey, you're a smoker too!"

  17. Yeah dude I know about old folks.. i'm from FL and i have to deal with them when i'm down there... They can't drive. They keep crashing cars and speed off like nothing happened. They're mean as hell towards young people, everything seems to piss them off, especially young people.
  18. Agreed, either really sweet, warm hearted, or fucking cruel ass holes.
  19. [​IMG]

    *cough cough* SMOKER!!!!

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