old pc friendly mmorpg?

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  1. im looking for a good old pc friendly MMORPG that a lot of people still play? i can run games like WoW and guildwars but i alreayd played them too much lol and i tried city of heroes but i couldnt run it =[ so im looking for a good game (not a shitty one you download online one you pay for lol) that a has a decent fan base still.
  2. Ultima Online?
  3. i was thinking of everquest but idk doesnt it have like 30 expansion packs? lol
  4. EVE online. Nuff said.
  5. PC cant run it
  6. i just checked out some videos and i think im gunna get everquest. where can i buy it? in all the game stores around here all ive seen was everquest 2
  7. Try to find a WoW server on the original naxx patch. (1.11 thru 1.13 I think?) and play that. Nice retro change, and a HUGE fucking amount of content if there's any servers actully still running on it.

    I've meant to try to set up a retro server of some sort for a while, but I just don't have the internet. And I have a feeling running it from a college dorm would be, aside from very slow, also very legally sketchy.
  8. nah im kinda done with WoW i think im just gunna give EQ a try since a lot of people still play it and i think its cool they are still making expansion packs for it 10 years later lol
  9. Theninja-rpg.com great game I have been playing it for about 2 years now
  10. FYI, EQ and WoW are the same game, different paint job.

    Although WoW is the more polished one.
  11. how are they the sme game? if they are simmilar in gameplay thats fine because i liked the gameplay in WoW but to my understanding EQ has more classes and a lot of different zones and raids which i love i dont mind if the gameplay is the same. and WoW died for me after lich king came out i mean it was cool but the end game raids were shit =/
  12. you can get it off station launcher, its real cheap and it comes with all the expansions, still $15 a month though
  13. While not a mmorpg, have you checked out the Neverwinter Nights series? They have multiplayer servers running usually with 20-30 ppl. Best part is it's free and all the servers are community built and run. The original Neverwinter Nights is about 8 years old, can be picked up dirt cheap(including expansions) and runs on low end machines easily. NWN2 released in '06 was a bit of a CPU hog at that time. Both still have active forums and have people playing online. Both have pretty good single player games and tools to build your own worlds.
  14. sounds interesting ill have to check that out too i still am gunna get everquest but ill deff. check that out
  15. Cabal....hands down...fuckin epic MMO
  16. Oh yea old NWN. I had the platinum edition with all the expansions. I loved that game when I was younger.
  17. Just a tip.

    There are several different packaged versions of the original Neverwinter Nights available. The one you would want to get would be the "Diamond" edition as it is the most complete. It costs about $20 (check Walmart or Amazon). ;)
  18. what exactly do you do in the game? and is it like a shooter or a rpg or what?
  19. It's based off Dungeons and Dragons. It's a third person RPG, pretty sophisticated. Theres also a NWN2, I never played it though cuz it came out after I got out of NWN.

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