Old Nutrient Solution

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  1. Hy Guys,
    I have 1 5GAL bucket, witch a change the nutrient solution once a week.
    I atacched another 5 GAL bucket, 1'' higher than the one where the plant is, to auto water, and auto feed the plant with full 5GAL nutrient solution.
    I instaled a drip, witch takeout 3GAL of nutrient solution every 7 days.
    I instaled a floating valve on the feed bucket to auto fill this bucket with fresh wate, and mantain the level of the soution.
    With this set up, I 've stayed 15 days without making any change, or ajustments o the system giving me so much "freedom."
    My doughbt is:

    Is it a problem leaving the feed bucket 15 days with a nut solution ? Dos a nut solution gets old ?
    I hope i can see others ideas about auto waterring/feeding.

  2. if they are chem ferts it should be fine, organic ferts will more than likely go bad on you after 24-48hrs.  you could always throw an airstone in the 5 gal bucket to keep the water/nutrients mixed and aerated well and it would be perfectly fine for atleast 2 weeks as long as its light proof and doesnt get too hot.

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