old mother sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by chronicACIDrock, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i was reading the book of buds the other day and saw a strain buy a guy named kog named old mother sativa i searched google and couldnt find a thing anyone know where the seeds are sold
  2. it's probably not for sale. you can't buy probably 80%+ of the sativas in the world. even when a really cool one does get sold like mr greenegenes cherrybomb, it soon becomes extinct.

    just a couple years ago, spice brothers sold about a dozen unique sativa strains that are gone forever and the african sativa seedbank which had about a dozen strains is gone too. about the only african strains you can find anymore are durban poison & malawi gold.

    it would be so nice if someone would bother to try and preserve all of the great sativa strains & IBLs before it's too late. no-one will ever see pure panama red, columbian gold, acopulco gold, highland thai, kerala, cambodian or vietnamese etc. again already

    that's another reason i despise indicas besides the fact they're pure couchlocking evil to begin with. they're like a sativa destroying virus.

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