Old MMJ User Politely Schools Misinformed People

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    Found this link reading around on some marijuana news, thought I'd share it cause It lays out the facts so simple and informative. I know this isn't exactly a news story but new to the forums, so if there is a more appropriate forum to place this, sorry for not putting it there.

    Hi There, - Twitzer.com

    The guy plainly puts the truth out there and busts a lot of myths that we all already know. There are so many things people say on the internet that is straight propaganda it amazes me. So many people put such a blind faith in their government and don't double check the facts.

    Nothing is more American that questioning your government, but you get called un-American if you do it in this day and age.

    Good resource to show anybody you know totally against marijuana
  2. i question the story (and its relevance in general) because he mentions a lack of fuzziness with pain relief. i for one, dont experience pain relief (joint pain specifically, which i attribute to the type of pain) or a clarity when smoking. getting high is SUPPOSED to make you "fuzzy"

  3. He was comparing it to how fuzzy his pain medications made him. So the marijuana in comparison would make him a lot less fuzzy than his pain pills made him.
  4. Excellent read op!
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  6. Narcotic pain killers definitely make you a lot fuzzier than weed. "just" tylenol with codeine in it will knock me out much harder than weed, makes it much harder to focus or do anything. Weed, while it certainly doesn't give me a feeling of "clarity" (most of the time at least), isn't nearly as debilitating.

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