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Old Memories You Had

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OpenBar420, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. This morning when i was rolling a joint up,i was thinking over the years the different friends i had when i first started smoking and all the people that have changed around you and have gone separate ways.A couple of my friends moved or either got sent away somewhere.Had really good times with some old friends from High School,but now there gone.Everything changes after a while and its sad to see sometimes.
    Anybody else this happen to?

  2. Ya man but that's what memories are for to remind you of the good times. Don't dwell on how they are gone instead take them as a precious gift and use it to appreciate the good times. After that guess what? Time to make some new ones! that's the beauty of life you can cherish the past and form the future.
  3. oh man, i get that all the time id just sit there thinking about past times like you said mostly, but my most happy/depressing thought is
    when i was in highschool 1997 (16) i would roll a joint in the janitors bathroom he smoked too he always wore glasses haha
    any way i fuckin miss hanging with thegang my friend guru, kara steve jim and jeff, but man like always im the last to move out ya know everyone is eather married has good jobs idk i havent seen any of them since like 2001 i really start missing the old days somtimes i feel like crying somtimes man ill tell you what.
  4. I used to find myself doing this all the time. You need to frame it as positive memories you've had in the past, not something negative because people moved on.
    People change as they mature, that's life. You just need to stay focused and keep moving forward, making new friends and keeping your life how you want it.
    I made the mistake of dwelling and trying to keep friends who I didn't really get along with anymore around, because I was scared to go make new friends after being close with them for so long. But finally I accepted we weren't meshing anymore, stopped hanging as much and made new friends and I'm way happier with my life now.

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