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Old Memories: The first smoke...

Discussion in 'General' started by iamfloyd, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. I remember the first time I ever smoked...Me and my friend bought 1 bowl's worth of dank from some dude, then we had to make a pipe because my friend (who had smoked before) didn't have a piece. We took one of those small water bottles and poked a pen through the side...added a bowl, and Voila! We had a shitty plastic piece. Anyways, we smoked in his attic, and I kept on telling myself I wasn't high, then I sat in a nice chair and I knew I was high...Ahh the memories.

    What was your first time like?
  2. aah memories,My first time was at the lake with my best friend and his older sister,she hooked us up with a jay and i ben burning ever since
  3. It was me, 3 friends, my friend's sister and her bf. The bf asked us if we would like to smoke some weed and I said sure why not and went next door to an abandoned house where he rolled a fattie and passed it around. Good times.
  4. The first time i smoked was at a party and we dropped the lump of res in the rabbit hutch. God knows what the rabbit was like afterwards, but i wish i'd have had a video camera. Anyways, i was so pissed out of my head that i didn't know whether i was stoned or not.
  5. use the search function...repeated thread...

    :D just kidding

    my first time was in a pimped out truck with two 12" subs nicely vibrating my seat smoking 2 blunts on the way to Key West :D insanity...
  6. My first time was at a friends house. He had a fat sack so we smoked it from his piece, then we went to another friends house and smoked another sack from the greatest bong ever. followed by going to a third friends house and spending the rest of the day smoking. Been tokin it up ever since. When I think of it man there was alot of weed smoked that day.
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