Old man looking to get back in

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  1. Hey, looking to get back into the seat. Should I get a 5mm thick bong with a perm? Or a thick 9mm basic bong? Thanks for helping friends
  2. Thicker glass.
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  3. Thick is normally strong. Basic normally works.
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  4. if you've got butterfingers like me you should look for a thick one. i have this gas station bong that its really thick and ive dropped it twice in the sink, like a 1ft drop, while cleaning it without breaking. but i broke a way more expensive and thinner bong when cleaning lol
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  5. the thicker the better
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  6. take the thicker man, I pers. like short and heavy bongs ya know. In the end its just youre choice between knowing you wont be missing that thing after it breaks and knowing you wont even drop it in the first place.
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  7. 5mm is about 3/16" thick, 9mm is about 3/8" thick. Either way it is a pretty serious amount of glass. Even 3.2mm (1/8") borosilicate glass will be fine, as long as you don't toss it about too much.

    Also with beaker bongs, unless you're paying for an AAA-brand or good artisan glass, the bottom is not going to be the advertised thickness. A cheapish 9mm beaker bong, will have a 9mm tick neck, the bell-end is just blown from the same piece of glass tube and gets thinner as it gets wider. Leaving the weakest ring of glass at the point where it bears the most load.
    If you're paying for thick glass, go for Thick Ass Glass (TAG), Ehle, RooR, or some other proper brand and buy through an authorized reseller. Ie. not DHgate, AliExpress or some place like that.

    I'd say buy whatever strikes your fancy. Bongs are essentially all the same as long as they are properly functional. Get something with an 18.8mm female joint, as that allows the most in the way of replacement parts, precoolers, bowls, and all that jazz.
    If you go the perc-bong route, consider an ashcatcher. Stacks of percs can be a serious pain to clean, an ashcatcher prevents most of the really nasty stuff from ever getting in there. The "honeycomb recycler" line of ash catchers from BlazeGlass are excellent for this purpose. they way they are constructed makes them very easy to clean, and the honeycomb perc stops floaties like nothing else.
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  8. Agreed: lost my serious babe in the laundry machine

    after a great night in the sack I ripped the bed apart

    inadvertently wrapping my bong in the sheeting

    came back 2 hours later

    satin sheets ripped to death and my bong in a million bits

    MORAL: Get a bomb proof bong

    good luck
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