Old leaves dying, trim or let them fall?

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  1. I'm reading mixed opinions on this... should you trim or let the dead leaves fall off naturally and then just cleanup?Also I've read that it's normal for a plants "aged" leaves to yellow and fall off naturally? I've been having that occur, but not the fan leaves... very small sets of leaves at the bottom turning yellow and dying off, new growth looks awesome about a week into flower. I mostly just need advice on the trimming dead leaves, necessary or stressful on the plant? If trim, I've read its best to trim halfway down petiole, let the rest dry And fall off naturally -- apparently knicking it too close to the main stem increases chances of infection to the plant? Read that from Ed himself.
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    If you have had problems and you're leaves are dying off then you should certainly remove dead leaves right where it comes out of the base stem. It won't cause too much stress unless you pull a lot at once that are still green. If the have some green, just remove the dead portion.If everything is dialed in the only time leaves fall off naturally is towards the end of flower because the buds are pulling the nutrients from the fan leaves. If leaves are dying off randomly double check everything

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