old lady+ turbo jetta+ couple of stoners in a camaro

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  1. so last night i went with a buddy of mine to take another friend home
    we took him home and when we got there he said he was gonna smoke us up for giving him a ride
    so he rolled this huge joint....and by huge i mean this thing took forever to roll and this guy has plenty of experience rolling
    this joint was about the size of my middle finger....length and with
    so we smoked it outside his place and headed on home
    this is the story......

    so were riding in this beat up old ass camaro......86 with a 2.8l v6
    its a piece for real
    and were cruising down the interstate on the way home just chilling cause were so high
    so we get to a section where there isnt an exit for like 3 miles and i start to hear the low whistle of a turbo somewhere
    i realize its the stock turbo on a brand new jetta...but i didnt see who was driving
    the jetta starts messing with us pulling away and slowing down
    well we decide thatits def got us but if we can get to about 120 or more we can take it cause of the computer
    so finally were both going about 120 and we finally pull on the jetta enough to see the driver
    and i look over and i see this tiny old lady posted up on her fat little arm
    i smiled at her cause she was an awesome old lady
    and she gave me that smile that made her look like a little kid in a candy shop
    and thats all i saw of her cause right after she smiled she sped up and started weaving in and out of traffic and she disappeared into the night
    so pretty much that made my entire night awesome
    came home played some xbox and went to sleep soon after
    i really hope to see her again sometime
    no joke
  2. those 1.8lT jetta's screw.
  3. the new jettas dont have the 1.8
    they have a 140 hp 2.0 with like 240ft lbs of torque

    might wanna google stuff you dont know about before you say anything about it
    and for the record
    the 1.8t is an awesome engine imo
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    LOL you might wanna google before you post. They're rated 200 bhp, 207 lbs of torque. And the speed limiter is set at 130 without a chip or flash.
  5. I love it when an arrogant poster gets responded back and owned. Ahh, I'm higghhhh
  6. I have an 02 jetta 1.8t
  7. i hate people on this site, i really do.
  8. Turbos are gross. Naturally Aspirated for the win! V6 2.8 L Passat!
  9. so gtfo if you don't like it here...
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    are you saying motortrend is wrong?
    "140-hp 2.0L TDI. Yes, another diesel from the Bluetec frenzy, and with 236 lb-ft of torque, who wouldn't want one?"
    quoted directly from their review of the car
    none of the engines the new jetta has comes with anything close to 200 hp, except the Wolfsburg Edition, most they have is 170 stock

    i did google it before i responded
    i didnt know the specs myself so i did some research


    actually upon further research you were partially right sir
    you have listed the specs for the Wolfsburg Edition, the car in question here was the turbo diesel
    so we were both right and theres no more reason for argument

    so light up that spliff and chill
  11. omg who gives a shit... atleast their not one of those ppl that set at home googling facts about VW Jettas so if their ever on forums and see somebody quote a spec from them they can correct them and make them look like a fool... like you...

    oh yeah almost forgot the actual thread...
    Thats awesome, I wanna street race an old lady some day
  12. 4.2l v8 s4!!!
  13. well my '03 gti 1.8t isnt bad :)

    A lot of problems with it though :(
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    I SEE, thought you were talking about 2.0t .
  15. the new jetta and gti is total badass. VW's the best cars
  16. Hey lets argue some more about how fast a Jetta can go, I was really enjoying it..
  17. lol, I don't care what you guys say but I highly doubt your v6 camaro was going 120, I have a 260 rwhp mustang gt 2004 and I've topped off at 135 a couple times and that is flooring it and even then its a bit too fast. I could be wrong but I know I am probably not.

    Sorry man I call bull.

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