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old grower new to led

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by lightworker30, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Hi there. I just bought 3cheap led lamps on ebay,one called mary jane 216 w or 72 x3w chips witg built in fans and what seems to be good lenses compared to the two others. They are called sensimilla 135w ufo and sensimilla 240w panel. All three of them uses 3w leds but the 216 w looks like a better panel. I dont expect them to be as good as some led manufacturers claim since they are cheap. I heard and read that penetrator led company is the best out there and that they have a special type of lensetechnology that they have patented,something with the degree angel on the lense?? I have all the right colors on my leds but idk what to expect from them so i plan on having the 216 w and the 240w leds in the same room over 16 square 11Liter pots with a mix of soil coco and perlite. I know people say use soil and perlite or coco and perlite but my best results after over a decade of growing has always been 25%perlite 25% soil and 50% cocobricks. In my opinion vermiculite is a waste of money if u have perlite. I got following seeds/sprouts to choose from: pineapple kush,thc bomb,white rhino,ice,critical,trainwreck and sensikush. But i can not have the trainwreck fems in a room with other strains because greenhouse themselves say they turn hemaphroditic and produce a few seeds. Wtf? Why relaunch a legendary strain as feminised and its a hermie? I dont like seeds in my nugs. But i plan to have a tent another place where i will have to trainwrecks to pollinate one female out of all the other strains and see if the socalled trainwreck fem-pollen can create a new and interesting homemade strain. Ex. Trainwreck x thc bomb or TW x white rhino or ice or critical or pineapple kush or sensi kush and so on.
    Anyway,in the main growroom i mentioned above where i am going to have 16females in 11l squarepots very close to eachother i wonder what other people recommend of lighting and what plants i should use longside eachother out of the strains mentioned. I know critical is by far the best yielder according to alot of seedbanks and forums,i know that also thc bomb and pineapple kush are suppose to be very food yielders and probably more vigorous and potent endproduct than critical since i have read that critical is a hybrid of the best yielding big buds and critical mass,so i guess its more quantity than quality. My alltime favorite strain is Ice (indica crystal extreme) , i have grown well over 50diffrent strains and no one came close to my best ice. I also like white rhino but have not grown it myself before. Some sites say 9weeks flower and some say 11.??? I also intend to set up two 400w hps longside the 216wled and the 240W LED. Veg the plants for about 9weeks after the third real leafset has grown out and then hopefully have 3 or 4 diffrent strains longside eachother. Do you fellow growers think tgis will do good? I appreciate all input and tips or experiences on similar grows strains lighting and so on. Peace
    That well make it easier for people to read it. Some people skip long paragraphs because it seems like a lot to read. (Majority of stoners are lazy :smoking: )
    Wish I could help more but I have 0 experience with leds
  3. Thank u very much;)
    Damn shame noone with led experience have answered. Patience is golden..
    Anyway,anyone with experience on the strains mentioned. That is:
    Pineapple kush
    Sensi kush
    White rhino
    I have only grown ice myself out of those mentioned. I have also tried to smoke thc bomb and white rhino and trainwreck.

    But they where not optimal grown,maybe a week or two too early harvested and from what the grower told me they was quite stressed.
    But still both the white rhino thc bomb and the trainwreck had good potency to have been stressed and early harvested. I think i will love the white rhino because i once grew white widow and ice and crystal together and gave em all 9weeks.
    First i tried the WW and it worked well until i tried ice. It was sooooo much more chrystals on and so amazing one hit wonder strain.
    Then i tried crystal and it had allright potency too but the ice made the other two taste and feel like a newbie grow.
    And i have heard that a proper grown white rhino is very narcotic and painkilling effect on like my ice was.

    Anyway all feedback is highly appreciated on similar grows or reviews of the strains mentioned.

    If we look away from the fact that i have these two ledpanels on 216 and 240w with 6band lightspectrum i just found out it should be 11 so anyway i will use two 400w uk made ballasts called whelthink and i think i got philips son t green master bulps and only two small wing reflectors but on the other hand i have plenty of diamond mylar.

    So how do u and others think that those two 400w hps will cover a square meter of growroom with 16square 11L pots close together. Off course i will top and bend and supercrop the stems ++ to try making a even canopy on most since it is not clones and will be at least 3diffrent strains if not 4. Any thoughts ? In addition i will use the leds too but idk how good they are. Im probably going too veg them for 8-9weeks and flower them until each plant looks done. So if i have white rhino and thc bomb in it they will probably need 9weeks anyway but ice and critical and pineapple kush and sensi kush are all faster bloomers so the others end up with more light their last two weeks or at least one week.
  4. I also have alot of diffrent nutes. I bought almost all of advanced nutrients available nutritions in norway. Here is what i remember:
    Advanced nutrients grow a+b
    Bloom a+b
    Wet betty leaf spray
    Overdrive (a pk booster)
    Big bud
    Bud candy
    Final phase and i also like to use
    Ghe Ripen( totally awesome product)!!!
    Ghe bio roots,bio protect
    BioNova roots and excell
    And something from either hesi or bionova called the missing link.
  5. Thanx alot. The solarflare sounds great and i never knew it was leds with 5w chips. What price jas the 200w?u know?
    Anyway i have heard and read alot of reviews saying nothing can be compared to penetrator pro 345 from hydrogrowlights and they have a patented 60degree lens. And i think it may be the best but idk,i think i will keep the onea i have until i see a relieable test with both solarflare and penetrator pro 345. Check it out if u have not heard of it. Allmost everywhere i look they recommend that,but its expensive. Maybe i buy one of each and see what brand i like best.. and again thanks alot for the tip.

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