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  1. Long story short (I hope):
    AJ was one of the first alternative news sources I watched when first getting into politics.  I moved beyond conspiracies in search of more fundamental truth than documents and audio clips...blah blah
    I stopped watching MSM news awhile back knowing the system is so obviously collapsing that the MSM has no room for truth in it's reports.  So I recently started watching AJ, mostly to get caught up on Fukishima, to at least get a half-way intelligent perspective on what's happening in the world.
    The point of this thread is to ask where y'all get news from?  AJ ain't exactly an anarchist's favorite radio station if the metaphor fits.  Is there a radio station out there for me?  I did get hip to Corbett but he's changing his format to a video every couple weeks.
    This is actually a decent 'episode?'.

  2. not to discredit your opinion, but alex jones has always come across to me as an exceedingly radical figurehead that made his fortune off fear and speaking well. 
  3. Where did I say, 'He isn't rich, doesn't speak well, and isn't an exceedingly radical...'?  With all due respect,  I was using this thread to try and find news outlets that are better suited to free thinkers, not to 'argue' about how "credible" my opinions are.
    If you want to answer any of my questions, please do so.
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    and where did i say that you said any of that? take it easy man im not looking to out your opinions or argue as i said before. i get my news mostly from the internet, and occasionally watch news on tv for a dose of what theyre putting down.
  5. I apologize.  I didn't realize you were talking to yourself...you can do that without typing. 
  6. Rtbat mobile
  7. Russian television check it outbat mobile
  8. Are you looking for credible news sources or shows like alex jones?
  9. thanks for the laugh man, back to starting shit yeah? have a good one. 
  10. I do catch RT every now and then.  While, from what I've seen, they kinda tip-toe around the 'A-word, they are definitely less uugghh...hysterical than AJ.
    Plus you speak much truth on GC so I'll subscribe to RT today.  Thank you for constructively participating in my little ol' thread.
  11. Is it just me or does this guy make no sense?  Is he trolling or does he actually believe he has made any valid arguments in his three posts?
    That's the fucked up shit...when so many people really are incapable of critical thinking that you can't even tell if someone is trolling or has such broken thinking they actually think nonsense is a constructive addition to a discussion.  
  12. I usually check BBC on my phone, or just hear about events through every day life.
    However, I just use those sources to find out about events. I think I have enough brain power to interpret things for myself, and certainly dont rely on news for my opinion.
    If I need to find some statistics or something, then Google is awesome. Wikipedia usually has good overviews, and tries to post links and references to further investigate.
  13. Infowars is the last place I would go for accurate information about Fukushima.
  14. Yeah that's basically where I'm at nowadays...just playing it by ear then fact check.  It's good to know about as many threats and opportunities as possible, I just don't know of any easy to go places where at least the headlines aren't slanted. 
    I did see Corbett w/ a panel from Boiling Frogs (Post?)...anyone know of them?  The panel they had stayed pretty grounded to truth, while also having well thought opinions answering the "Why is the current MSM popular?" question.
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    No suggestions?  How...predictable.
    Edit to avoid triple post:
    1.  Is the Fukishima power plant still leaking radiation in significant amounts?
    2.  If so, has a timeline for actual containment been introduced?  By who, etc?
    3.  Are the nuclear cores/rods (whatever their called) suspended in a pool of water 6-10 stories above the floor of a building that is leaning?
    4.  Is the probability of successfully removing all the rods without any touching virtually impossible?
    5.  Am I asking the wrong questions?
  16. LSDR: IMO, Alex Jones is a kook. He's well meaning I think, but off the deep end.
    The best place to read anti-state news is Lew Rockwell.
    I've been listening to "Free Talk Live" off and on since around 2010. The hosts are very anti-state, and always give the "correct" answer to political things IMO.
    But the show drags on sometimes. They get off on some silly, boring, irrelevant topics now and then and spend WAY too much time on them. Enough for me to get bored anyway.
    They're on 7-10 pm EST, seven nights a week, link above. They're also on a good number of radio stations.
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    I listen to AJ... But just as any other news source I take it with a grain of salt I enjoy his conspiracy side and his obvious attempts to keep himself a not so insane with alien claims... Many bizarre articles like the federal government creating homosexuals with gmo lol.. That is amusing With Fukushima he calls the doubters out and says go do tests yourself and will see the radioactive increase... That's an environmental hazard and japan honestly needs to be held accountable for it "I experienced several more of these deeply euphoric moments on my rambles through forest and meadow. It was these experiences that shaped the main outlines of my world view and convinced me of the existence of a miraculous, powerful, unfathomable reality that was hidden from everyday sight" -Albert Hoffman-
    Radiation science is complicated, and I don't claim to be an expert. But I've gained some knowledge on the subject over the last 15 years.  It starts with basic high school science (ie: the pacific ocean is very big, therefore the radiation being put into it is highly diluted).  But you think public education is bullshit, so where do I go from there?
    I don't care where you get your info from, but when it comes to Fukushima, it's the last place I would go for accurate information.
    (if you want a resource, the first place I would start with is the IAEA, and go from there)
  19. Misesbat mobile
  20. I'd listen to Alex Jones for a good laugh and a wtf. But he is a fanaticbat mobile

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