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Discussion in 'General' started by tonyrocks922, May 16, 2006.

  1. I found a bottle of Tylenol #3 behind my bathroom counter that's about 3 years old. It was damp back there, but the bottle was closed. Is it safe to use? Will it be as potent?
  2. well umm just take 3 and find out...cant hurt..but wait for others to reply i dont want you to get hurt
  3. pills last a LONG time, they will be just fine man.

    (i hope im not wrong)
  4. well, the exact same thing happened to me before, i found a full bottle of tylenol 3's that were 3 years old (odd coincidence isnt it?) and i took 19, drank liquor and a bottle of robitussin, not sure what i was tryin to pull off there, all i rememeber is vomiting 3 times, c-walking to hippie music, and agreeing on a tagteam on this chic that was dancin all up on me n my buddy

    and then later in life i took 3 tylenol 3's with bud and was more fucked up than 19 of the 3 yearold ones.

    so get a poppin drinkin n robotrippin and go to some fine hippy chic's house
  5. t3s high blow..

    but w/e take 4 of dem bad boys 2 swigs of vodka and a few bowls .. u should feel it

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