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Old classmate, girlfriend of a newly made friend, hitting on me.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ChronicPhonix, Dec 21, 2012.

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  2. Ouch :/ what a weird situation. She seems willing to become friends as long as you dont pursue anything more...dont know if youre cool with that
  3. Bang her bro, your doing him a favor. Your basically determining if shes a worthy person to date or not for him.
  4. Some guys deserve it, and this guy doesnt seem too, so id avoid hanging with her.

    Any girl who says i dont want to do anything bad if we hang out is just implying you need to make the 1st move so she doesnt feel guilty lol.
  5. Lmao, you calm her fears only to create a Thread about your sketchy intentions. Welcome to manhood son! XD
  6. Yeah this is kinda true, id feel bad for the guy more so than anything else :/
  7. I wouldn't do it man.
  8. Play it cool and hang a few then when u become more comfy with each other invite her over to drink some vodka! Bam mission done
  9. Hit it, OP.
  10. Man, that ass has me contemplating!

    But I'll probably just wait until they break up or something. I've never cheated on anyone and wouldn't want it done to me.
  11. Look at u Mack daddy you. I say go for it. Who knows she might like u back the same way
  12. Yeah just wait it out man. Let their relationship run it's course but please don't be "that guy." I was always "that guy" and karma really fucks you over.
  13. Why are you guys telling him to go for it? -_- nah dude, this kid is your friend. You really wanna stab him in the back after saying he's chill/nice? That's fucked up man.
  14. DAMN dude. I'm kinda going through something similar. Chick I used to go to school with hit me up bout a month ago. But she a straight shooter wanting to fuck but she's engaged.
  15. Seems like she's pretty much pointing out to you that she'd cheat on him if you wanted it to be like that.

    Up to you. Decide whether the poon is worth it. Do you prefer being friends with this guy, will it make you feel guilty for all eternity, or what.

    She's practically begging for it. :cool:
  16. If that happened to me I would beat your ass so bad and then dump the girl afterwards anyways. Is it worth the risk? Prob.
  17. Seemed appropriate.

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  18. I said I decided against it buddy. But it is very tempting.
  19. Smoke a couple bowls with her and wait for her to break up with her boyfriend? If she likes you enough and him so little she will break up with him for you and then you can make your move without stepping on any toes or any morals getting in the way.
  20. Sounds like she's into you. Idk man weird situation. If she's as cool and pretty as you say i'd have to make a move honestly.

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