old bulb vs. blue spectrum for flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by vintagehambone, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. im just looking for some advice about which light i should use to flower out some plants.
    i have a brand spanking new 600w hortilux BLUE spectrum bulb, and some 1+ year old no name brand red spectrum bulb that ive been using forever w/o terrific resusts(probably because of a horrible hood). ive never flowered under the blue spectrum but ive heard the results can be similar to my usual red/orange hps but with a little less weight, im wondering whether itd be better to flower with the blue bulb since its new and lumen output may be better than that crappy old hps, or if i should just pony up the cash and go buy another new bulb... which im really trying to avoid doing<.<
  2. High there, I don't know why you didn't get great results off the red bulb but I like to change mine once a year at least. If it was me I'd buy a new bulb, I flowered under a 400w MH years ago and it wasn't great.

    Good luck

  3. thanks for the advice usual suspect, but lets say im really cheap... lol. of the 2 bulbs i already have(old standard hps, or new blue hps), which do you think i would get the best results from?
  4. I'd say the HPS, maybe throw in a few CFL's to if you have them. I have just packed up my veggy area so I have added the CFL's into my flowering tent with my HPS and they love it.

    Good luck
  5. I really doubt you will get near as good results with the blue light spectrum instead of the red spectrum. I would change out the red lamp/bulb remeber its very rare that a light will burn out completely at one time, if its over a yr old it propbley has burnt out or is burning out the red spectrum which you want the most. I am about as poor and cheap as they come but I would change the bulb. Good luck.
  6. just switched out the bulbs for the old hps.... dropped the glass from the hood right on the plants :mad: it only took out one top and it looks like with a crutch it might bounce back..
    thanks for the advice, i know i need to just get a new bulb... but hopefully this hps holds me over till my next trip to the hydro store. =D
  7. I think you be alright, I'm hopefull anyway. Good luck and keep us updaed.

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