Old bong restored!

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  1. So I have had this bong for about 3 years, it was blown by a guy localy but his shop shut down quite some time ago. It has NEVER been cleaned so I dug up my ISO and cleaned that beast. It was just a simple Rubber gromit slide so I took that out and went to my local headshop and picked up a nice GonG down stem, but still with a rubber gromit.

    The Ash catcher I picked up in Olympia for cheap cheap price. It did not work well with my bigger bongs, sucked to much water through, but works well in a smaller one!
    The Downstem cost 25$ ash catcher 25$ also, the bowl cost 10$ The bong when I got it I think was 60 or 70? The carbon filter was 14$ Hits much better than it used too.

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  2. Awesome fix. I have a bong I need to do that with too. I've been lazy since it was some draggy china made bong. It had a big bubble base sandblasted with a dragon on it and gave lung busting hits.

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