Old Bokashi Bran To Make New Bokashi Bran

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  1. I really don't want to purchase more EM-1, even the 12oz size. Most of it went bad before I could use it, along with the expanded EM-1 that I made from it.
    Anyway, what I DO have is ~2 gallons of bokashi'ed alfalfa meal left from 5 gallons that I made a couple years ago. There is part of a mat of 'Santa's Beard' ~3/4" thick (the worms love this stuff), that I leave in there so it can grow and I parcel it out to the worms like Reese's PB cups.
    I was just figuring that I could use some of this to inoculate a fresh batch of alfalfa meal?
    I'm guessing, yes. This is ~2 years old, since it got set in the corner of the garage and forgotten, but the SB that is growing so well tells me the particular microbes I want are alive and well. If a particular microbe didn't survive .... so what? Just means it isn't suited to my environment, just like I can't grow Terete Vandas where I live now. Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on Bra .......
    Am I missing anything before I waste 10lbs of Alfalfa meal? Once mixed, it will probably be a few months before it's needed, so plenty of time to cook.
    Opinions are welcome, real world experience is even more welcome.

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    I'd tend to think it'd work, new moisture and food source.... but why not culture more em1?
  3. You're spot on, typically even if it looks dead or no good the microbes are typically just dormant. After its rehydrated or a new food stock is added they'll wake back up and go right back to work!

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    Well, it doesn't even come close to looking dead or dehydrated. The Santa's Beard is actively growing on the top and I never allowed it to dry out. I did dry some when I first made it using wheat bran but if you don't break it up well and make it fine, it gets like pieces of concrete.So, I keep the airtight lid on and just take out a handful or 2 to toss in the worm bins.

    I do have an 8 oz bottle of expanded EM-1, but they say the expanded stuff is only good for 6 months or so. Its never been opened after the fermenting, but I made it in 2011. Perhaps 2010, I don't remember. Guess I could add some when I make up the new batch.. Won't hurt.

    I'll update as I go along.


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