Old-ass roach appreciation thread

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  1. I'm sure im speaking on behalf off quite a few of us when i say theres nothing better than going to your stash and picking out all the roaches from your blunts and joints for a nice tasting treat.

    you should be aware that this is a joke. you're welcome Lemonzbud :)
  2. I saw the post earlier. I "lol"ed when I saw this. But yeah, I can appreciate an old roach.
  3. Some people are going to respond saying they throw their roaches away and never smoke them. But we all know thats BS. Who doesnt appreciate ANY weed when they're dry?
  4. damn right :mad:
  5. theres nothing like being dry, cleaning your room and finding an old roach. i love that feeling
  6. I love roaches. I love smoking them through the carb on my bubbler. Fucks me up every time; dry or not. I can't hate on anything but resin, since that's hardly even worth it. It's all good.
  7. Roaches are love man. I roll blunts all the time. Some weeks ill pull about 15-20 out...My freinds always bring mad bud and tell me to roll L's beacuse I roll them the best they say...I dont think they can roll. Nothing like being dry and lookin down at your ashtray thinking..ima get high anyways.
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    hahahahaha xDDDDDDD

    and YES i have great appreciation for old ass roaches! i used to only roll jonits for the first year or so i smoked, i smoked out of other stuff with friends but when alone it was always a joint, and i was proud of them, so id save up the roaches, well out of a half id probably have about a qr in roaches saved up, perfect for rerolling :smoking:
  9. "Appreciation Thread" should be put into the list of words that go into the moderation queue.
  10. haha, all about finding 10 old roaches and rolling a new one from it...doesn't taste great but whatever man.
  11. I usually cut open my roaches and put the stinky bud in my bowl to smoke. :smoking:
  12. I hate when people say they don't keep their roaches. We all know its a lie! lol
  13. word who dont keep roaches man lol ppl tht say tht are fuckin high as fuck if they say they get rid of em
  14. lol, back when I smoked more joints ya! for sure

    id smoke a few joints, take them apart and put it in bong, so its old and dry, but smoth and cool to me now. :hello:

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