1. hey dudes, I tried to log into an old account from '07 I think, but it's not recognised anymore. I can't remember if I deleted it, or if I just haven't logged in for too long.
    Wondering if it's possible for you guys to retrieve it for me? I'd appreciate it a lot. I still have the same email address if that makes any difference. 
    peace :smoke:

  2. and what would the user name of that account be?
  3. 'nuggit' I think. If you need my email I'll PM it.
  4. You need to reset your password. 
  5. I've tried, but neither my username or email are being recognised.
    Says something like 'Oops something went wrong' when I try.
  6. What is your old username ?
  7. 'nuggit' was my username
  8. Can it be with a 'z' at the end ?
  9. lol aye no problem. I should have a username change available anyway shouldn't I?
  10. I believe so :)
  11. So what do I do now? Try an log in with 'nuggitz'?
  12. Dude there is nothing else we can do . You are responsible on keeping your account safe and up to date. If you don't have access to your old e-mail or forget which one you used again there is nothing we can do as there is no way to verify you are the same person that created that account.
  13. Oh right, I do still have the same email address though, and have access to it. 
    In the OP i said I'd pm the details if they were needed.

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