Oklahoma Representative introducing a marijuana bill.

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    Ooops…state senator.
    One part of the article;  
    Oklahoma, which has some of the strictest marijuana laws of any state in the nation, is considering a bill to fully legalize marijuana.
    The proposed law, which was introduced last week by state Sen. Constance Johnson (D-Oklahoma City), would make it legal for adults over age 21 in Oklahoma to buy, possess and consume up to an ounce of cannabis. State residents would also be allowed to grow up to five marijuana plants in a secure area at home, out of public view.
    The tax-and-regulate bill, which is known as Senate Bill 2116, tasks the state Department of Health with licensing growers, testing facilities and retail marijuana stores where the buds would be sold along with other marijuana products.
    The bill would also significantly reduce penalties for Oklahoma residents younger than 21 who are caught with under an ounce of weed. The current law allows persons under age 21 to be imprisoned for a year for possessing even a crumb of cannabis. Johnson's law would instead require them to attend a drug awareness class of up to four hours in length. First offenders' criminal records would be kept clean.
    \nI hope our state Senators and Representatives get it right.

  2. I live in ok so I can't waitSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  3. I read the whole article and near the end it states that there is probably a "no chance" of tis going anywhere. I sent Senator Johnson an email thanking her for at least trying to make OK a better place to be.
  4. This is probably because of that picture of Kevin Durant blowing a massive smoke cloud after a game against the Denver Nuggets.
    If the most famous guy associated with Oklahoma right now is smoking weed, it can't be that bad right?
    It'll sure help with stopping stereotyping Oklahomians as hicks and rednecks.
  5. There are still a bunch or hick, redneck republican, farm subsidy welfare farmers (our gov't pays them to not grow commodities) here and when they get stoned….it's a mess.  
    Probably be some darn good hemp growers though. I can only imagine cutting hemp w/a 40 ft header on a John Deere combine.  Keep it green!!!!
  6. In from Oklahoma and your stupidSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
    I don't think you were calling me stupid….were you?
  8. I sent State Senator Constance Johnson, a hand written thank you card for her efforts to open the minds of the close minded.
  9. These guys are tools

    Mark Woodward, with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, said, “I've seen it wreck more lives than any other drug.”

    Oklahoma county sheriff “We're the experts, probably in the nation, on cultivation of marijuana,” Weaver said.

    If marijuana were to be made legal in Oklahoma, Weaver said he believes his agency should handle registration requirements rather than the state Health Department.

    Cause these guys are the "experts"
  10. [quote name="azcactus" post="19437289" timestamp="1391120021"]I don't think you were calling me stupid….were you?[/quote] no just the generalization of the comment. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  11. Is there a way to vote for this bill?
  12. I wish they wud do this in Texas

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  13. Is tommowrow the hearing or whatever?
  14. This just arrived to my email for all of us Okies, even the ones from Muskogee.
    \tDrug Policy Reform Supporters,
    \tThe Oklahoma Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on medical marijuana and citizen lobbying day is Feb 12 . 
    \tTo read a detailed story  on the hearing from enidnews.com clickhere.

    \tThe exact details of the day's activities are still pending. 
    \tRep. Cory Williams has legislation ( HB1835 ) in the Oklahoma House of Rep. Public Safety Committee.   HB1835 <span>would make second time marijuana possession a misdemeanor!  Senator Constance Johnson has medical marijuana legislation in committee</span> (SB902). She has also introduced   Senate Bill 2116  to legalize marijuana for those 21 years or older!  
    Please participate in as many of these events as possible. 
    \tPlease contact your state representative and senator and ask them to support these marijuana bills and drug policy reform. 
    \tTo find who your legislators are click here.
    \tPeace 2 ya,
    \tJeff Pickens

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