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Oklahoma pickups *GOOD BUD*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by greenbudsandham, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. #1 greenbudsandham, Aug 14, 2011
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    My pickups and such. I am in northeast Oklahoma

    Some J1...


    A QP of Master Kush...



    I also have some Blue Cheese - I just need to take some pictures.
  2. Good job reppin OK's bud:hello:
  3. looks like u got enough there to last a whole afternoon! :smoke: nice buds
  4. Northeast Oklahoma ftw! We might have the most strict weed laws, but we sure do get some dank bud.
  5. ooh tasty

    have fun flippin' dat QP, OP
  6. #6 greenbudsandham, Aug 14, 2011
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    Thanks, guys. I need to take a better picture of the Master Kush to do it justice... something similar to what I did with the J1.

    Bong, I will. :D I have 12 more ounces of the MK alone. :eek:

    I have a pretty sweet connect. It really does not get much better than I have it. Gotta appreciate what you have! I am pretty damn grateful for it.
  7. #7 greenbudsandham, Aug 17, 2011
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    Here are a few shatty closeups of the MK and also one of an unknown outdoor (looks a lot like the MK, and came from same grower).





    Thoughts? Yet to try the outdoor. I think I will tonight on a bike ride.
  8. It's looking really good. Dense and hairy.

  9. You say you've got the dank connect and I see the proof, but what kinda prices you sitting at?

    I'm packing up my bags for canada.
    500 for a QP?
  10. Oklahoma prices can be decent if you know the right people, I usually buy a quarter or an oz depending on my current money situation.
    Around these parts a quarter will run 90 or 100, and a zip is typically 300-350 for me.
  11. Well... if I bought by the QP, I would be paying 550-750, 800 tops.

    For me, it is more about smoking for free than making money.

    Like tokin said, you just have to know people. The prices he listed sound pretty similar to where I am. I usually price mine for less because, like I said, I am not really in it for the money. No point in getting greedy with it if all you wanna do is smoke it anyways. :smoke:
  12. BTW, I tried the outdoor earlier on a nice off road bike ride... Not too shabby at all! Good all around high.

  13. I flip like 2-3 o's a week, smoke for free, and still make money.

    come on, there's profit somewhere in your business
  14. #14 greenbudsandham, Aug 18, 2011
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    Nah. There is little profit for me. 100-200 tops for each QP. If you knew my setup, you would understand. Plus, I really am not in it to make a lot of cash. It is just so much easier to sell for cheap than try to make a lot of profit. More effort = More risk.
  15. #15 greenbudsandham, Aug 18, 2011
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    2-3 ounces a week? I would say those are average weeks for me. If I had more time, I could do more. Thing is, I do not really want to do more. :p

    Haha, I am not meaning to sound conceited or anything. Sorry.
  16. Triple post, sorry... but I am high as shit. That outdoor is some quality bud!
  17. If I bought two to three ounces a week, I'd still definitely smoke it all. :smoke:
  18. Haha. Right on! When I have the amounts I do as of right now, I could very well get up to around a quarter a week. What you said is one of those things that makes me wonder how much I have smoked in all my life. I would really only bet on a QP... If more, then barely.
  19. Also, here is a picture of a small bowl I just smoked on my (extended) lunch break.

    Attached Files:

  20. hey dude, the weed moves and I make money.
    that's not my personal either, yuh never get high on your own supply

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