Oklahoma - here's your chance to LEGALIZE!

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  1. Oklahoma, get all of your friends registered to vote- you have a good chance to get cannabis legalized on March 7, 2023! Special elections usually have a LOW VOTER TURNOUT! So your vote will count even more than usual!

    People react to special election to vote on recreational marijuana in Oklahoma Reaction to special election to vote on recreational marijuana

    Reaction is pouring in after the announcement was made that Oklahomans will have a chance on legalizing recreational marijuana.

    Gov. Kevin Stitt set the vote for March 7, 2023.

    This will be a statewide special election.

    People with the "Yes on 820" Campaign say the governor's proclamation for this vote was a complete surprise, but when they heard the news, they got ready to shift gears and get to work.

    Michelle Tilley with "Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws" said, "The main thing that we'll be focused on at this point is educating voters about the law, and then registering voters, and making sure people have their registration current, and then activating them to get out on March 7."

    State Question 820 would provide an expungement process for low-level offenses related to marijuana and legalize its recreational use.

    "It's really an outdated idea that we're putting people in jail for minor marijuana offenses." Tilley said. (snipped)

    You can get voter registration cards at the Post Office. You should have a couple of them on hand for any non-registered friends that visit! :passtheshit:

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  2. This is good news with a good chance considering their med program that’s already in place. It’s a shame that all states don’t allow this type of referendum.
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  3. Since they already have a medical program in place, this is encouraging news. It's unfortunate that not every state recognizes this form of referendum
    godskin apostle
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  4. Wrong link I think.
  5. Hopefully they craft the laws to promote small businesses. I doubt it, doesn’t seem like that’s what they want.
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