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okie when you see this you better post

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. or yu'll make me look like a SUPER fool.*come kill the spider that keeps dashing in from of my monitor*
    an for the rest of you...last little look56 members (36 lurkers :))
    i know im not the only one here :D....
    what are you peoples doooing? hmmm? huh?huh?huh?

  2. Waitin for my boy to deliver me some weed so I can get HIIIIIIGH.. :smoke:
  3. that sucks i hate waitin on people :)

  4. hehehe, gunna smoke some
  5. an im just waiting for the spider to crawl on me
  6. too its the only way i can get over the spider.....
    im blowing smoke where i think the it might be i hope it just folds up and goes to sleep
  7. I'm sitting here...alone...on a Friday weed, no sad.
  8. gets flip flop ready in the event smokie doesnt arive.
  9. hey smokie... where the hell are ya? lol, drag your stoned ass in here and tell us some more stories!!!

    weeeee miiiissssss yooooouuuuuuu
  10. i got a notion that he may be back...
  11. Thanks for ruining my big entrance Norm.

    Timing appears to be offf.

    Yah tah hey Blades.

    I'm still here.



    2:00 am.

    Where is this freekin spider I been hearing about?
  12. i just said i had a notion

    no guarantees.
  13. next time be ready with the snare drum and cymbal crash.

    It helps.
  14. i have a coke can and some lighters.
  15. *smile* thankyow guys norm way included,....havent seen the spider since i smoked himout. or i hope. but its a good thing to know, cowboy all i gotta do is hollar and ya come ;)
    and i even got blades with flipflops ready for reinforcements, ( avery good thing) ...btw its rainind today soooo maybe i did get it.
    thank you luv for not making me change my thingie to "superfool"
    i owe you....again.
    yer not keepin track are ya? :D
    spose i owe you a few favors.

    ann....norm keep that flipflop close, just in case....
    im good as long as the fast little spidey does not crawl on me.
    hempress,hope you hook up on all your smoking needs today.

  16. i like pizza

    dont touch my flip flops

    got off work early

  17. I don't get this thread . . . no seriously . . . what spiders are you guys talking about?

    *gets nervous and confused*

  18. posting absolute random stuff, like usual.
  19. norm, you may keep your flipflops....

    aurora, this thread really started with no point ;) then a real life spider kinda small black and very fast ran acros my desck 3 different times each time i freaked and tried to kill it. (on retrospect, throwin a pck of ciggs ata spider probably wouldnt do the trick at all but,eh thats what boys are for.)

    an gravy, hows that^^^^^ for absoulute random shit? eh?lol
  20. works for me....

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