Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.

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  1. I'm sure everyone here has heard of a minute man. Well I'm envious of that guy. For about the past 5 months, I have been faster than greased lightning in the sack. I just don't get it. At first I just tried to shrug it off, then it kept happening, then again, and again, and again. It's gotten to the point where the thought "fuck I hope I don't bust quick" runs through my head everytime I about to have sex. I know it's all in my head but something like this isn't that easy to just forget about it. It's absolutely embarrassing. I don't wanna be "that guy". You know the guy that all the girls snicker about when they talk about their sex stories?

    The weird thing is... I used to be a king in the bedroom. I could last, at the VERY least, 15 min. And now I'll be lucky to last 1 min. I have gotten so insecure about it that I looked on the internet for tips, or tricks, anything to get me back to my normal shape. I was told to masturbate longer. If I felt like I was gonna blow, take my hand off and try to control it. Well I have been takin 30 minutes to have jerk sesh now and has it done anything for me? NO.(and even when I whack I am ready to cum in like 2 min.) Like fuckkkkkkk! What am I supposed to do? Am I screwed for life?

    I want to be able to just pump again. And not just for me... I feel so bad for my girl cause she's always gotta deal with it. We get all hot and horny during the makeout sesh and foreplay and then by the time we take our clothes off, we have to put them back on again. I just want to give her a good pounding, in the nicest way possible. Because well...she deserves it.

    Has anybody ever gone through a phase like this????? I need help. My penis is counting on you guys ! :(
  2. made me lol. i think i sorta used to be the same way. whacking it longer helps. i assume different guys have different ways to jack it. i suggest go slow and build speed. i feel like (although not sure) many guys just go at it and finish. idk, good luck brotherman
  3. better learn to use that tongue. if it dont sort itself out soon, dont let her suffer, get her off too man!![​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Masturbate before you have sex, run to the bathroom, rub one out, come back ready to giver.

    Always works, you willl last way longer.
  5. You probably jerk too much.

    Stop jerking for like two weeks.

    See if it helps.
  6. Dude, one time me and my girl fucked for a minute, then after I busted we fucked for another minute LOL. Doesn't work :(

    Okay, maybe the second time was 3 of 4 min, but still..
    Do you really think that would work? That's quite a sacrifice if your not sure.
  7. i always make my man cum first once with head, then we go at it. he lasts a long time after the first time, and so i multi, then after i have a few times, he can usually cum one or two more times with prolonged activity.
  8. Do you wear a condom?
  9. MariJane MariJane...you have one lucky man....wow
  10. Just because you bust your load so fast, doesn't mean you're finished... stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back in there and finish the job with her... she won't care if you're busting so soon as long as you get her off, too.

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