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Okay So This Is My First Baby Plant Ever... I Need Some Opinions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by redneckgrower420, May 26, 2013.

  1. okay so today is day 7 of my baby. this is the first plant ive started by myself i usually buy larger clones and grow them. (im not a total noob ive been growing about 2 years now) im just wondering if she looks healthy and has the normal amount of leaves. also since day 2 or three i noticed the stem was purple in the middle then the whole stem turned purple and now its just purple in the middle again. is this normal for seedlings? or is it just the strain/phenotype? any info will help anything at all! oh keep in mind that i started the tap root upwards so the root system would get stronger and spread out more instead of just going straight down. thats why i think it is so short. pics below

  2. There is a grow section where you will have a better chance to get the help you want.
  3. yeah grow section looks best for this, but it looks OK, lookes like a regular seedling... and the purple could just be the strain or the climate might be a little cold for the plant. (purple weed comes from the drop in temp at night in the grow) so I would look into that.
  4. Your seedling looks healthy. As far as the purple stem to my knowledge it's pretty normal and nothing to worry about. And for future reference yes we have a growing section that questions like this would get more reply's in. Happy growing. :wave:  
  5. alright thanks guys! now i can rest easy knowing my plants are safe! as for the cold i live down south and take her inside every night when the sun goes down. thanks again ya'll!

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