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Okay, so i just got hired

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chinoctopus, May 13, 2011.

  1. i just got hired by cumberland farms (convenience store). i'm going back in a couple days to sign some paperwork. i'm not sure what that paperwork entails but i'm worried there might be some drug testing involved... first off, i know theres been threads about drug testing but i wanna know for one- whether anybody here has worked for this company and if they drug test....
    and also, if they do drug test, i have smoked every day for a months and have been smoking for about a year. i'm 18 but i still live with my parents. my main problem is: if they drug test i would just bail on the job, but both my parents know i was hired already so i can't just do that. i could probably tell my mom that i wouldnt pass the test cause she knows i smoke but i dont know what i would tell my dad cause he has no clue.

    i would really appreciate getting some serious feedback because i don't have too much time to act.
  2. Read the fuckin' papers before you sign them.
  3. get some clean piss or lie to your dad? i dont really know what else you expect to hear
  4. They make all sorts of shit that will help you pass a drug test, but god knows how many of the 89458947869748455 products work. If I were you, I would lie and say that the pay is shitty and u have to work there for like 2 years before you get a raise or something. I dont have experience in the working field so if that sounds stupid, its because it probably is.

    But if theres a barrier where u cant lie about the pay, maybe lie about something that they want you to do, that you wouldnt wanna do? Maybe say they want you to load trucks or something?

    hope something in here helps ya out man, good luck.
  5. If it's a convienence store chances are they don't. Common sense would say stop smoking if you're on a job hunt...
  6. How do you get even that close to a job without finding out if they test people? When my mom told me the place I work at now called while I was at school one day about an interview, the first thing I asked my dad (who used to work there) was if they drug tested.
  7. Yea man thats your best bet, Its dirty but its something youre gonna have to do if u wanna get this job and stay in the clear with your dad. Hopefully they dont do hair tests, how much do u smoke in a day? If u smoke like a bowl a day for month u could pry just wait 2 weeks and pass the piss test. I rarely hear of jobs doing hair analysists, Usually they do saliva and urine.
  8. lately it's been a joint before school in the morning with a couple others, then after school at least once or twice...on weekends it varies....
  9. Like said, definitely look into the details of the paperwork before signing...
    Since it's too late for that, there are ways to pass. Dilution being one of those ways. Google it.
    I work as a tech in a retail chain pharmacy. The offer came at a random and unexpected time and I had smoked two days before- and continuously. My urine was sent out for testing and I passed.
  10. can anybody recommend a hair detoxifying shampoo thing? or is that bullshit?
  11. BULLSHIT! Can't wash that shit outta your hair.
  12. Call them up and ask to see the papers you signed?
    If you fail just tell your parents that you find out more about your job and it wasn't something you were down to do.
  13. Shave all the hair off your body. Everywhere.

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