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  1. Say you can never find bud, and least ammounts will still do you good, can you still flower at anytime during veg, say I want the plant to be 1 foot high, could I trigger when the plants like 6 inches or something, just a hypothetical question sort of. but if you want just some bud can you flower at anytime ?
  2. As far as i'm aware the plant can be flowered at anytime during the vegging stage, however it may not be strong enough to withstand the process and strain of budding....this said, i think some scrog growers will flower when they are as small as 8".....don't quote me on that but i think so.....Peace out...Sid
  3. I believe if you decide to plant 16 in one square meter ( bit more than 3 ft), and trigger them at 8 inches, u can get about 250 grams/ sq meter depending on the pedigree
  4. Since you are gonna flower them at 6 inches hypothetically, might as well go with a strain that contains the description of "Above Average Yield to High Yield".

    One more thing to consider here is: Height Control. You have to monitor the heat, light density ranges once or twice in a 12 hour period to be safe.

    I would love to see how a Power Plant or Big Bud strain flowered at 6 inches....it's pretty cute to have little buds growing.....but if you've got an economic sense of how the whole growing process works, many would rather a large yield over a little puny one.

    It's just like a Christmas Tree....you choose what's appropiate for your living room height....for that appropiate occassion. If you want a big tree, then you'll be rewarded....Small trees.....nah.....not Sativas to say the very least...

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