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Okay or RUDE??? Your opinion?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JokinNTokin, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. okay, here is the scenerio:

    My boyfriend, Joe, and I went over to our friend, Brian's, apartment to smoke. Joe loads a bowl in the sherlock and then in Brian's bong, and halfway through the bowl Brian wants to stop smoking it. He insists that Joe and I can't finish the bowl of Joe's bud because its his apartment and he doesn't want to smoke anymore. Do you think this is the rudest thing you've ever heard of, or do you think that its fair because its his apartment, even though its Joe's bud? What do you think we should do about this guy?
  2. Sounds to me like Brian is either rude or has bipolar disorder. :)
  3. It is his apartment!

    Just don't go there anymore!
  4. I mean it is his apartment but, thats still some bullshit and

    rude as helll.. :smoke: :smoking:
  5. what a bitch. kick his ass. dont go there again and dont worry. no worries, be happy

  6. very authoritarian. this guy has delusions of grandure.

    I don't know the situation but there are few circumstances where that is allowed. Were the cops knocking on the door? anyone's parents?

    did you tell this guy that it was NOT good smoking etiquette? or was that not a suitable thing to do, ie, did he have an AK strapped over his shoulder and a nervous facial tick?
  7. yep yep, I agree with dingusus
  8. i agree with dirtydinguss - he probably was trying to scam some for himself for after you guys left, which is bullshit. sure it's his apartment but there'd be no weed in said apt without joe packing the bowl, i assume. so truly, whoever owns the weed controls how much of it gets smoked.

    i'd have said "hey dude, if it was your own weed, sure dictate. but it's not." then *toookee* *PUFFF* outta there.

    or, you could just dig the remaining shit out of the bowl and take it with you. i know that sounds weird, but it'd sure make a point, haha! :D

    and for now: don't visit him, OR, don't bring weed next time.
  9. That's what I was thinkin' gangaphish, it'd be weird digging the weed out of it but then I'd just say, "see ya later you goofy prick, have a nice life by your lonesome!" I hate people that are so anal when your at their house. If someone like that is at my house I treat them the same way just so if they say something I call them out on it and make them feel like a total dickhead...just to so they can see how it feels.

    Ok time for my wake n bake.
  10. Yeah, that guy was a dick....I just wouldnt smoke with that guy anymore

    b/c even if it is his apartment, you're his guests...he sure doesn't know anything about hospitality
  11. I would fuckin laugh my ass off if somebody ever said that shit to me
  12. if my weed is in a gets smoked..regardless of where im at..he said you gotta go..i would have hit it tll the weed was goen..and departed..

    if not that..scooped up my weed and departe.
  13. rude,wrong, probably just ignorant......
    if i quit smoking before anyone else, (yea it happens sometimes) im completly the opposite and insist - almost to the point of rudeness they continue to smoke my weed. then i feed em, give them lovely refreshments, feed em somemore.. INSIST they smoke more....hey i dont get guests i treat'm kind

    ya definately should have cashed the bowl smiled and said thakye for having us.


  14. Cheers to good hosts..... and hostesses
  15. UGH! RUDE, for sure.

    ...ANAL, too!

    It was your guy's fucking weed. DAMN!!!

    I'm not even getting high right now but my friends still come over and get high and I even have some that's not stored in my freezer for them to smoke if they're low or without when they come over.

    I'm like you Higha, I love my friends and I'll feed 'em, get 'em high, bathe 'em...wait, no, I don't actually bathe them myself but I do let people sleep and shower here when they need to. Although, I do encourage bubble usage and smelly soaps when they hit the tub but that's only for their enjoyment!!!
  16. That's very fucked up, I would never go to whoever that guy's house is ever again if I were you.

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