OKAY,my babies got flipped yesterday!!!

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    I flipped my girls lastnight and I added my new CO2 system to them and this ishow they look after there first nights sleep and to wake up to a box full of CO2.!!!!


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  2. awesome, cant wait till my flower room is finished, right now i just have mommys
  3. Thats cool,I wish I had 2 different rooms,I would have another grow going already,I mean I am sure I could build another grow box the same size as the one I have now real easy,but my wife is busting my balls about how much money I spent so far and if I tell her to STFU one more time I just might need a divorce lawyer, so that one has to be done real slow...lmao
  4. Same herelol
  5. here we are one week into flower and still no sign of preflowers but they are getting huge!!!

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    I am now starting week 3 of flower and still no sign of flowers yet I am starting to get alternating nodes on a few of the plants but no buds yet,pics 002 and 003 seem to be a lost cause but I will leave them anyway,pic 004 that girl got so bushy it was starting to have light issues to the inside leave so I tied the branches open,I am thinking about doing the same to the girl in pic 005,pics 006and 007 are starting to show promis and the one in pic 008 OMG but I think it might just be a male,I cant tell as of yet,it will be a real shame to yank it but if it is male then it has to go!
    002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG
     the paged pics is 004 The 3erd plant in the pics, the first pics was the first day of flip the middle was entering week 2 and the end pis is today,man it looks so much different with all the branches spread appart.....hey I needed to get more light to the inside leafs...I can only trim back so many shaders!!
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    Well it"s Saturday and another week down,this is then end of week 3 of flower going into week 4 001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG
    and how is this for a nice new bud????
  8. Looking nice! Keep up the good work! :smoking:
  9. Thanks Ganj,wont be much longer now,5 or 6 more weeks till chop time!!!!
  10. I'm gonna sub so I can have a chance to see those frosty nugs.
  11. Looking good but i wouldnt call it week 4 of flower. flower doesnt start till the first white hair you see. you probably flipped lights before they where mature enough makeing them stretch. but looks like your doing a great job!
  12. Thanks Bro,I am trying but I dont think I could have done as good as I did without a bunch of great people here at GRASSCITY.....
    I vegged those plants for 8 weeks,a lot of people said that 8 weeks was an auful long time to veg......
  13. I prefer a longer vegg like 6-8 weeks, most of the time I do 3 weeks. It really just comes down to space. Most ppl here are in small spaces. Now look at ur plant its as tall as a dam horse.

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  14. So here we are at the end of week 4 starting week 5 of 12/12,I started seeing white hairs inbetween weeks 2 and 3,then by the end of week 3 flowers where popping up all over the place,now starting week 5 I can see colas starting to form on some of the shorter plants,the girl in pic 7 streached big time it streched so bad that the main stem folded over and creased so I had to tie it up for a few days,I dont know what to do with that one it's getting so tall and I had to raise my lights so high that the shorter plants are not getting enough light,I was going to bend the main stem and tie so it was at a 45 degree angle but when it fell over the stem got creased,so if i try to bend it now the main stem might break............I need some advice here, should I top the plant by cutting off the main stem where it creased,if I do that I can lower my lights by at least 18 inches,I can dry it out and get a preview of what my buds will taste like, or will I stunt the plants growth real bad by doing so?????/ in pic NO 044( the last pic) you can see how it bent over and creased....
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 044.JPG
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    another thing with that plant in pic 7,that plant is 4 weeks yonger than the rest,she goes against everything I leaned,I just took a seed and stuck it in the bucket,from seed it got full strenght newts it never got newt burn and it is growing way faster then the rest,the only thing difference from the seeds is they are all the same strain but that plant came from a regular seed and the rest came from fem seeds and the main stem seems to be soft and weak and creases real easy....
    it's a real tall plant and it looks like it has some really nice buds but it is starting to cause me a lot of trouble,I squeezed the main stem lightly and it feels hollow and soft,I am really thinking about cutting off that main stem....SHOULD I  YES NO????????

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