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  1. basic info: I smoke all the time,
    so i was wondering if anyone can give me some basic prices, and the weights of how much is supposed to be in each bag...and other things so I'd be safe but still aware of everything...any lil bit of information is good...

    i live in florida, kissimmee area, and all they sell is regs and midz...nothing much more...so prices shouldn't be too high or low...
  2. IN all honesty and respect."ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!"...you cant be serious.I do not mean to put you down but my suggestion would be to stay as far away from dealing as you can.Seriously no offense but you have to be like 12 or something right?
  3. actually, i'm 18, i got my diploma when i was 16 cause i lived in tortola all my life....as we all know, its under the british's rule, so I graduated early as hell....now since i moved back to the u.s, i got no opportunities for me...i got a job, that's payings me below minimum wage..I live by myself in hotel
  4. Asside from the Stupidity of the question and the fact that google is a world of advanced knowledge (hint) the fact is you have no idea what your doing and is recommended against getting into it, espesh with a some good education under your belt...

    Even that said help is what your request is so here goes...

    1/8 is mostly the lowest form of buying (Some people do 1/16 but its a long process when getting rid)

    1/8 = 3.5gram (Use digital scales as there more acurate)
    1/4 = Double
    And so on and so on... its math mate and the weights are imperial.
    Use an online converter to do the rest if math isnt a strong point.

    UK Prices (Convert to dollars for US, but it may differ in the area you live in the states i've heard of oz's for $320 in Newyork - but i work on GBP)

    1/8 = £20
    1/4 = £35 - 40
    1/2 = £70 - £75
    1oz = £130 - £135
    These prices are all for Mids (we dont really get serious shit here affraid but...)

    1/8 = £20 - £25
    1/4 = £40 - £45
    1/2 = £80 - £85
    1oz = £140 - £165
    These prices are for High end stuff.

    Based on experience... Blueberry is more expensive as the quality is higher, Jack Herrer, White Widow, and the general Top 10 weeds are higher also..
    The most i've paid was £160 for an oz of AK47.

    My appologies to you if i sound rude in the first few scentences but on a level your too bright to start doing this, a diploma to me sounds like a high degree (But i live, breath and sleep Britain whatta i know)

    Seriously mate, if theres other way of making cash without potentially getting you put behind bars.

    Good Luck (an i mean that)

  5. and the baggies are called ziplock..but i prefer the sandwich bags without the zip.
  6. Yeah i could have gone on, about bag prices and stuff, but best thing to do is use Ebay or something close to find "Cheaper than shops" extras.

    You'll need at least...

    A set of Digital scales (Minimum of 250gm max weight)
    50 Sealer bags mixed sizes of Small and Medium
    1 Large Sealer (lock and Seal) Container (Call me old fashioed but "Lunch Box" size (Keeps your shit fresh))
    Cash and Bollocks...

    Be ferkin carefull dude some people get bought by the feds to flush out dealers and it isnt a slap on the wrist if caught!

    Good luck - gonna smoke a J, all this thinkin and shit is no good, i needa relax ;)

  7. wow, well discussion of this is prohibited by this site, so im not going into detail on anything.

    i can however tell you this is a BAD idea. statistics speak for themselevs, chances are your not gonna change that. i can promise you that you would rather live in that hotel your in now, than a jail cell, hey at least that hotel seems to have internet access ;)

    its illegal to be paid less than minimun wage, so you need to do something about that.

    you can take my advice or not, but growing and selling marijuana takes time, you have to have friends who know friends, and very few people you trust, trying to become an all out dealer, will last 4-6 months TOPS before someone, who barely knows you rats you out, because well... they barely know you, and trying to save their ass..

    do some research, and hopefully you will choose the right pathway

    and btw, if you cant spend 3 dollars on a box of like 150 baggies...... well ive said enough
  8. Just giving my opinion, My Bad!

  9. hey man, im no one to stop you, all you did was help i wasnt directing my comment to you. im just saying to the creator of this thread that were not supposed to talk about it and give him a little direction. aside from an 8x8 with 3 free meals a day and concrete floors.

    im no moderator. so dont mind me ;) my post was just general advice

  10. My opinion is , there is no easy way to make a buck.Grow your own.Get a real job.Save all you can.Try hard to stay legit and keep the high as a hobby.Besides, i think the original poster would end up with even less money than he has now after the playas were done with him.
  11. Wrong forum to be posting in about dealing...

    Second, sounds like you are one broke mutha fucka and dealing is the last thing you want to be doing in that case.

    Living in a hotel, with sub min. wage also tells me you're either not a US citizen or are stupid enough to be taken advantage of very easily. Neither of which is a good thing...

    My suggestion, sort out your regular job, ignore that dealer pressuring you into selling for him. Take $20 buy some seeds, and plant them outdoors.
  12. best advice yet.

  13. Uhh if u on a website askin how 2 sell bud

    u askin 4 the Alphabet bois 2 be at ya crib

    dont even think bout sellin....i can already tel u have
    no sneak in u at all..u would probly make a sale in the mall

    jus grow u sum...or find a close friend 2 hook u up cuz sellin...

    i gotta feelin u gone end up behind bars or on the loosin end of JackMove
  14. Folks please read the forum rules. There will be no talking about dealing anywhere on Grass City please. Thank you.

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