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Discussion in 'General' started by BAHlake, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Ive been smoking for a long time now
    and Ive run into a predicament
    my mother buys aluminum foil instead of tin (the one i need)
    and unfortunately aluminum foil when lit gives off fume that make you more venerable for alzeihmers (or however you spell it)
    and i need something else to make a bowl with that will make it a a little bit safer tokn' it up on a homemade piece

    Nuts that screw on to bolts....
    BTW is the metal safe to smoke?
  2. Go buy tinfoil then
  3. And what am i gunna say when i walk in the door and my mom says "What are you doing with Tin foil?'"
  4. "Sorry mum, I just want to do drugs and you're buying sub standard pipe materials"
  5. Go buy a glass piece from a headshop

  6. Don't you have to be 18 to go into a headshop?
  7. Yeah you have to be 18
  8. You have to be 18 to register for this site.

  9. HAHAHA yeah totally.... i wouldnt risk the roof over my head just to get tin foil

  10. But you'd risk it to get high?

  11. yeah but i have no money to spare right now

  12. im not risking anything when i get high .....
    i dont smoke stupidly
  13. Tin foil is not readily available.

    However, people use 'tin foil' and 'aluminium foil' interchangibly.
  14. [​IMG]

    I'm just saying...
  15. Word. Not only is it a smooth hit, your mom will be proud of you for eating fruits.

  16. Oh jeeze i let the famous "apple pipe" slip my mind.... Thanks!
    any other sugestions when i use up my apples? hahaha
  17. You can make a homemade bong. Use the search option, there are tutorials.
  18. P.S.

    If you want some variety, I'm sure pears would do a phenomenal job too.

  19. ive made my share of bongs
    and quite frankly, when your living with your mom
    there to loud when its late at night
    not to be dissn' the bong, i love em

    just not for my situation

    when i move out.... im getting a sick ass one!
  20. I knew you were under 18 when I read "what do I do my mom buys the wrong shit...

    Just order a pipe online or get a friend to go to a headshop. A

    And get a job so your not so broke that you can't spend $2 on foil.

    Or roll joints.
    Or tell your mom you need to borrow her bong. :smoke:

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