Okay i know this is in the wrong forum but i'm a noob and i just need a little helllp

Discussion in 'General' started by Tammm, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Cause i just got back from smoking a blunt outside in the gazebo. I come back into my room, look in the mirror, and there's a fucking bump on top of my lip. Not like a cold sore (sp?) bump, but like a bump of skin. Like a bubble! So yah i fucking come back and i have this fucking bubble on top of my lip! I'm freaking out i mean i'm a virgin so it can't really be a serious std, right? Actually wrong, i share bowls and blunts with people and i've recieved oral sex recently sooo... omg no. OMG NO. Fuck my life. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't let me find out it's an std dude i will fucking die.

    Anyway to get to the point i guess. Has anyone ever experienced this? Has anyone ever smoked outside, out of a dutch, in i guess what you could call cold weather, come back into their room, and found a fucking bubble on their face? Anyone? Please? Pleeeassse. Fuck fuck fuck. I'm so high too i'm like wicked paranoid. Maybe thats just it! I mean i kind of put ointment on the bubble and um... smoothed it down i guess? And now its gone... but still! WTF!!! Help?
  2. ok, im sure you tried this, so its probably going to sound stupid, but i gotta at least throw it out there...

    a lot of times when you smoke a blunt, you'll get resin on your lip... did you try licking/wiping it off?? it could just be resin, if not, then id probably get it checked out. if its resin, it'll be a brown color
  3. im gona say u burnt your lip with hot smoke or watever...

    or it could be an std and ur face might fall off

    you'll probably die either way.
  4. seriously though how big was the bubble? would you describe it as semi-transparent or opaque? was it hard or soft? did it seem to be full of liquid? was it actually on your lip or on the skin around your mouth? did it hurt to touch it?
  5. Hahaha I'm going to laugh my ass off if thats all it really was
  6. Oh my god yahhh!!! duuuuuuuuuude!!! that makes complete sense! like it's not brown but i do recall having resin all over my fucking mouth!!! and it was pretty windy out too. i kept having ti wipe and wipe. omg thanks so much! fucking love this site. and i mean it would have stayed there longer, yes? if it were something worse? i think... yahhh.
  7. if it wiped off, then yea if was resin, lol glad i could help
  8. It was fairly small. probably as the size of less than the very top of my pinky. it was clear. or "semi-transparent" as you said. it was soft, no liquid. it seriously seemed like a bubble of skin. it was around the skin on the very top of my lip. like, my upper lip area... i'd take a picture but it's gone so there's nothing to show.
  9. not necessarily, actually the most vorulent form of flesh eating virus which having consulted my text books and am now 100% sure you have starts as a bubble on the lip and then disappears before consuming your enitre face leaving nothing but hideous skull. but whatever it's no big deal, try not to freak out but you should prepare yourself for the fact that YOU ARE DEFINATELY GOING TO FUCKING DIE!
  10. but yeah seriously it just sounds like a blister from smoking the blunt too far down and burning yourself, it probably just popped when you were touching it.
  11. Well i wasn't really focusing on the resin part i kept replacing that cause i was thinking i burned myself and it makes sense. due to the wind. i kept trying to wipe the resin off with the blunt in my hand. instead of switching the blunt to the other hand and then wiping the resin off. damn. i'm an idiot.
  12. nah it wiped off when he put ointment on it. It was almost deffinitely just some resin on your lip... happens all the time when you smoke j's or l's - especially in this "wicked (glad to find others who say it lol)" cold and windy new england weather
  13. Thank you. I like how you're an asshole, but a nice one. Props to you, bro.
  14. Bitch, i'm a she. And yah lol... doesn't everyone say wicked though? Everyone i know says it all the fucking time man.
  15. ROFLMAO...
    so was it resin or a piece of the paper from the blunt?
  16. Neither. I realized i burned myself, foo.

  17. lol sorry "bitch" haha, but yea, wicked is a new england thing - all my friends at school make fun of me for saying wicked all the time.

    and +rep for your sig lyrics
  18. Haha no wayyy!!! Really??? Where are you exactly, then?

  19. lil rhody, your southern neighbor

    everyone at my school is from jersey or new york, and they never let me hear the end of it when i say "wicked" which occurs multiple times a day
  20. I like how you can trace the OP's comedown off the high as the posts continue. The grammar, sentence structure, and panic all are completely reversed from beginning to end. :smoke:

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